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CK Race Creation Help Needed!


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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to use the CKWiki on race creation to create a playable zombie race for myself, using the meshes and textures from http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56379/? (Creepy Zombies) but there seem to be several things missing.


Is there any kind soul out there, ether bored enough, or helpful enough, who could tell me what files I'll need to use to be able to make this into a playable race?


Pretty pretty please?






There are some undead race mods out there, but none that really do what I'm looking for. I'd be your slave forever (if that meant anything to anyone) if you could help me find a mod or the resources to muddle through my own to make a pc that looks like this pic!post-34303-0-54324200-1409965136_thumb.jpg

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