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Loverslab Site Security Issues


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When I try to log in with firefgox I get a warning that states the site no longer has a valid security ticket, and that I would have to override my security settings to access this site.


(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)


However when using Google chrome I get popups that try to install a malicious java update. (Obviously I know the ads are malicious and never click them)


I hope the admins look into these issues, until then I will make myself scarce for awhile.

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A while back, I got a virus warning from trying to click on LL using chrome. From then on, I made a batch file to open LL so I wouldn't have to browse to and click the site on Chrome's browser page. I've only gotten this warning once though.


I've never had issues with Java. Some things you just don't click. :P


If you're unsure about Chrome, make IE your default browser and make a batch file with LL's URL.


If you don't know how, it's extremely easy:




Create a text file on the desktop (Right-click desktop-->New-->Text File). Name it LL.bat (make sure file extensions are enabled, or it'll end up being called LL.bat.txt which won't work). You'll get a warning stating that changing the name may make the file unusable. Accept it.


Right-click the batch and click [Edit] or [Edit in Notepad++] (better). When it's open, type this:


Start http://www.loverslab.com/


Save it, and run it whenever you want to go to LL. This will make IE take you strait to LL. Basically no chance for a virus then.


Note: If you don't have file extensions enabled (you'll know if your games say TESV, instead of TESV.exe, or amtlib, instead of amtlib.dll), you will need to type it into the text file, click File at the top left, and choose [save as...]. At the bottom, it will say [txt]. Change it to [All Files], THEN name it LL.bat and save.




Chrome is the default browser that takes me to LL via batch file.

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I've once caught a trojan from LL, because I accidentally allowed Java to run some code. I quickly got rid of it, but it was a headache nonetheless. Just don't say nobody has warned you about Java's security issues.


I also use Chrome but didn't like the latest version of 37 and its crappy font handling and reverted back to version 35 and am happy with it.

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I'm having the same issue on Firefox 33.0 x64.

Every time I try to log in on Loverslab, Firefox tells me the security certificate is not to be trusted and that I should leave the site. Upon investigating further, it gives me a more detailed report saying that Loverslab's security certificate comes from "RapidSSL CA, GeoTrust Inc." which is "unknown" and thus the certificate "cannot be verified".


Now, what's odd is that I only get this error on this computer. I tried logging in on my laptop and didn't have any problems there (same Firefox version and same internet connection).

If someone can explain what's going wrong here, I'd appreciate it.

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Speaking of security, Avast has been giving me positives for threat when accessing any loverslab links, and keeps tracing the harmful thing from: 


WARNING, for your safety do be careful about clicking this link 




Is this anything serious or to be worried about? I'm going to do a scan for viruses after this message.

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