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  1. Hmm. I installed this and I can't seem to get it to function. The other factions seem to work okay, but for some reason the raiders don't. When I select one and use INV in the console, I can see the various tattoos that should be applied, but they don't physically show up on the actor. Sometimes the male raiders show up naked in game as well, but never the women. And occasionally there's a bright white inanimate copy of the male base body floating below the actor or laying on top of a raider corpse. Base mod works for gunners. I'll grab some screenshots
  2. To get the devices without using the console, you need a mod like Deviously Cursed Loot that will have an event trigger that will tell the game to apply certain devices automatically to your character, or a mod that adds a shop to buy them from, etc.
  3. Like Grey Cloud says, "I have no idea what the fake physics option is for but stick with XPMSE skeleton and HDT-PE (Physics Extensions) that is the one everyone (99.99%) uses and the reason it is the first option in the FOMOD. 😉 " Do that, and you'll have bouncing boobs just like the rest of us.
  4. Looks like this person noticed the same thing happening: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/131457-bhunp-3bbb-body-for-le/?do=findComment&comment=2829807
  5. I've gone through and tested a couple things and I believe I've found the problem and solution. The wrong version of the skeleton is installed. Using the Fake Physics option with an HDT body causes the pancaked breasts in certain Devious Devices' armbinder/yoke/hands-behind-the-back animations. Using the Physics Extensions option does not cause this problem. When installing XMPSE the first option you get is this (at least in Mod Organizer; I don't use Vortex): Physics Extensions MUST be checked. This skeleton is the one that has 126 bones and is the one that wo
  6. Yeah, I went back to my old body and skeleton, ran FNIS again, and the problem's solved. First I swapped out just the bodies but still had the same issues. Then I swapped out the skeletons, reverting from XPMSE 4.64 back to 4.51, and the problem is solved. Even though it wasn't always needed, I ran FNIS after every change just for the sake of consistency. Seems, for whatever reason, it had to do with the newer skeleton. May investigate further... or... may just leave it as is for now.
  7. This started happening to me today when I updated to the newest XPMSE version AND updated my base body to BHUNP 3BBB (UNP Renewal). If you've done something similar, I'm assuming there's something in the animations themselves that cause an issue as so far this only occurs with yoke and armbinder animations (but I haven't done a ton of testing yet).
  8. I've got Def_UI, Vis_G, and AAF, have been crashing on the data tab, and my god... this worked like a charm. Can't express my appreciation enough right now.
  9. Something of a bug? As soon as I used the portal spell and poofed into the inn in Riverwood, everybody inside jumped the heavily bound slave girl. But it did not prevent me from selling her to the slave trader. After doing so, I used the portal again to go back from to where I was. And now my papyrus log is spammed with hundreds of thousands of: [Item 6 in container (00000014)].dcur_slavetrader_portal.OnRead() - "dcur_slavetrader_portal.psc" Line ? [04/24/2019 - 12:06:38PM] Error: Cannot call GetParentCell() on a None object, aborting function call
  10. It was a good idea, but had no effect, Avil. Thanks for trying. Regardless of how I changed the barter info in Skytweak and how I changed the settings in Player Exhibitionist, Requiem still refuses to offer any gold when selling while naked.
  11. So the last time I went through skyrim and updated/removed/replaced mods, I swapped out SkyRe for Requiem. I was pretty indifferent at first, but the deeper I get into Requiem the more I enjoy it. That being said, Requiem reduces your sell prices to 0 when you aren't wearing armor, and drastically increases buying prices. As someone who likes to run around with various Devious Devices mods installed, this 'No shirt, no shoes, no service' immersion feature of Requiem essentially removes my ability to sell anything to vendors for very long periods at a time. Does anybody know how to ch
  12. By far my favorite mod. The collar, gag, and blindfold are so sexy I can barely stand it. I'm desperately hoping for further updates! Keep up the awesome work!
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