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    Dale the sensual Nautilus was born in the toxic and polluted sea of the Philippines. In his early life as a Nautlis spawn, he developed a keen interest on setting the world on burrito, a goal the nautilus itself cannot describe in a verbal manner.The creature then stalked an orgy Yacht which leaked bodily fluids constantly through the pacific, which the wretched nautilus basked in while his fellow sea cretins watched in awkward delight. The yacht eventually led him to the shores of Queensland Australia, and grew the necessary fucks that required the silly scenario of a Nautilus becoming a land-based creature. He still dreams of the day the world is ablaze with burritos, but porn of all colours ("except gore, vore, scat, that shit is more rotten than I am, and that's saying something... maybe golden showers... maybe though..." -he proclaimed) distracts him full-time, despite never getting laid itself. The worst thing that fate, if it were a galactic expansing, rambunctious muscle babe in the sky could have done occured; and the sensual nautilus got his tenta-arms around a computer and stumbled across Loverslab like it was an oasis of devious pleasure.

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  1. I've been running smooth sails with FNIS+Nemesis for a while. I just wish Nemesis worked with creature animations so FNIS can be effectively retired, FNIS deserves to have its honourable sunset after almost 8 years or so of service.
  2. Isn't leyenda skin based on fair skin? I'm running leyenda and the base package of CBBE futanari and its almost seamless.
  3. This is a bit of an old pull, but these animation are directly a problem with Funnybizness's pack, his old stuff just seems to make the facial animations of the giants in this mod freak out. I'm not sure either where to source any/more female giant animations that aren't broken in SSE.
  4. You can for the most part ignore this warning if you have: animation limit crash fix: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31146 You also need to disable "SSE Engine Fixes" animation crash setting by going to its configuration file if you have that.
  5. has anyone tried flagging the addons as esl pugins using xedit and have no issues?
  6. After further tinkering, I have reason to believe the mod is not able to override Skyrim's default decision to have Orc females use male animations. I was using a mod that just replaced the animation file without actually changing their behaviour so it did not work. I tried https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22250?tab=description instead and this mod changes the behaviour of the orc female race instead of simply replacing their animation assets with female ones. The only down-side to using this mod to fix the Orc issue is that this mod is incompatible with anything modifying vanilla orc and it switches orc female player voice to human female.
  7. Safe to say I should pick this one up over the nexus version that hasn't been "reduxed yet"? 😃
  8. May I suggest creating an independent plugin for this feature? I love deviously cursed loot, but it's got a lot of features I'm not actively pursuing in SE.
  9. This is a big file, looks like KS hairdos (or the assets you're using from it) are already packed with your mod. Safe to assume this mod does not have KS hairdo as a requirement?
  10. i'ts not cleaning off because the file isn't actually properly ported, the essential edited scripts have been left as is, which means the tweaks is not hooking to the correct function of Racemenu which the tweak is supposed to utilise its overlays instead of BiS's system. This means that without the skse plugins for BiS tweaks properly converted, it wont hook to Racemenu SSE, not applying the dirt textures as racemenu sse overlays and practically not changing anything.
  11. pardon if I sound snarky, but how does nif optimizer affect script incompatabilities? The BiS tweak mod is mostly driven by script files. Is your setup successfully turning BiS dirt textures into racemenu overlays and is able to successfully clean off SexLab cum textures?
  12. I'm also interested in an SE port, I think the main possible thing that need to be adjusted is to have the tweaked scripts refer to Racemenu's new file that handles overlays "skee64" instead of "nioverride". I went through the source code, couldn't find what I suspected and realised I really have no idea what I am doing.
  13. you only need to read through a few pages to find your answer. Yes, you can do it yourself by by adding the custom schlong and the cum source's position in the AdjustValues.json, which you can open with something like Notepad++. Be warned you need to know what you are doing. It involves opening up the plugin file with either creation kit or SSEdit, find the schlong's ID in the factions tab, convert the ID into decimals and use that to refer to the schlong you want included inside the AdjustValues.json file. PS. adding new schlongs is also spotty at best, I managed to do it with relative ease with some like the new SSE Futa addon, but not quite so for others.
  14. You're better off sending this wall of text to the original LE mod page of More Nasty Critters. This, like many others by Pfiffy is strictly just a port, and anything other than porting related questions will fall on deaf ears. EDIT After the following responses below, I correct my statement of "will" to "might" Glad you got answers anyway and cheers to MadMansGun
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