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Broken item making me disappear


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Lately I've been picking apart mods for their non-playable items, and making them playable for myself. 99% of the time it works, and I'm happy. But there is one item in particular that I REALLY want to make work, but all it does is make my player model disappear. If anyone is familiar with it, it is the Undine NPC from MonsterGirl CoC mod here on LL. I am trying to take her items that make her look the way she does, because all Undine is really is an Aquamer wearing an item. I even tried playing as an Aquamer myself, then jacking Undine's items but to no avail. It just makes me disappear. Is there a way to make it work?

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Ok so upon further messing about, I've found that if I save and exit while wearing said items, they will work once I load game. If I try to take it off and put back on though, it will go back to screwing up and going invisible...

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One potential unreliability in how their heart+body shows up is that the full body item uses a ring slot.

This was inevitable because when alive they are equipped with both the body and the heart, and when dead they are only equipped with the heart, which is a fullbody item. So when they die the body item (ring slot) is removed and then you only see their heart and the bubble shader played.

Actually this isn't a problem. The problem is that skinned clothing ring slot items are not guaranteed to work with the player. As you've stated in your second post, it sometimes works and often, pretty much randomly, simply refuses to work. No idea why he had to choose to use the clothing type instead of the armor. Maybe concenred about magic efficiency. Magic efficiency drops when there is any armor equipped in the "degrade-able" slots : hair/upperbody/lowerbody/foot/hand/shield.

To solve it try one of these:

1. change the body item to the amulet slot, or tail, instead of the ring slot. and equip both items. (note that npc's normally won't attempt to equip tail items)

2. create an armor ring item that is identical to the clothing version body item, and equip both.

3. merge them into one nif file and create a fullbody item and equip that.

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