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Before I knew (much) about MO, I used to download and install mods via NMM. Now, as I see so many positive comments and recommendations about MO, I'm really interested in trying it out. The problem is, I have lots of mods already installed and a character whom I like, all of which will of course be lost if I reinstall Skyrim and all the mods to start using MO. I also encounter almost no glitches, bugs, or CTDs in my current playthrough, despite using NMM and having 100+ mods installed (SL included). Should I still switch to MO, or is it not worth the sacrifice as long as the game runs smoothly? 

(sorry for my English) 


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 I don't mean to be pessimistic with your situation but the odds are you will encounter some potentially game breaking issues at some point when you use mods to any major extent, that's especially likely with NMM's method of data overwrites. 


But if I were you I'd stick as you are for now and just enjoy playing your game. If/when the time comes that you feel things are becoming intolerably unstable, that's the time to rip it up and start again. At that point I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you jump to MO and never look back.


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No.. Keep what you have working for you. If you have to  reinstall or run into major problems with you game installation then revisit the option for using MO again. During which time you can research and learn by reading the unofficial MO thread here ( link in sig) You can start to get a good idea of what is needed and some of the work arounds.


I use MO and can't imagine myself using NMM ever again expecially for Skyrim. However I do also know there is some learning curve and work arounds needed to get it to the point that is desired. ( I even made a tutorial for installation of SKSE for MO.. lol)

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You can try to back up your data folder and then run whatever new mod you plan to use through MO, however keep in mind that they will not overwrite your current set up, so you will still need to know the file structure of your new mods and decide if they should be install into the data folder.

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Mod Organiser has no benefits to Me as an experienced User of Wrye Bash and BAIN, but if I had to deal with the Malware that Nexus deposited onto the Bethesda Modding Community I would be using Mod Organiser. I will learn Mod Organiser when I get a Gaming Laptop this Weekend, but it will mostly be for the ability to try and help People that are having trouble getting Mods to work correctly. 

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I am a regular on that thread. I think it is ok to post a clean question based on what you needed to know from the general community. That thread is more MO fan based. The answers would be stronger in favor to use MO despite the extra work needed to get your system up and running again. That is likely the reason none of the moderators came in and chimed in on the other thread..;)


My thought however is different still stand.  If it ain't broke. Don't fix it. When you are ready to rework or do a complete refresh of your game.. go to that thread, introduce yourself and get started on your MO Build. Enjoy your current mod list and build :D

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