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Unique skin path for player race?


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Ive been looking around nexus and LL to find a way to set the player race to use unique path for the textures so if i apply a tattoo mod i wont get all female characters tattooed.

Can someone point me to a quick easy guide or mod that does not require "master" skills in modding. And if possible if there is a way without using custom races so i can avoid setting all skills to their proper values.

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I saw there is 1 version with both meshes and textures and another verison with just tuxtures. Does that mean its possible to use different body meshes too ?


Yeah if you use the version with meshes, just find the DragonbornBody folder in both meshes and textures and replace the files for whichever race you use. 

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i use this and i am able to use custom animations and body meshes and texture

custom races  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8720/?

pc exclusive animation path http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14871/?


Also my advice: Custom Races & RaceCompatibility


Those mods work this way (I'm guessing, cause I'm not an expert): they have a BSA / master-file that points toward meshes and texture files that are safed in a different location than standard files. Therefore you for example can leave the vanilla races and NPCs untouched while your race has a different look. After installing just search the folders for texture and *.nif files and there you go.


Really, it's not big deal. Just search, understand the structure (where to put what file) and then it's copy & paste.

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