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The Sims 2 Complete For Free on Origin


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I think this little promo is worth mentioning.


All you need to do is log into Origin account click on : Origin > Redeem Product Code and in Product Code write :




After that you will get free Sims 2 Complete added to your account.

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Console and handheld were fun, but 3 ones were shit because they attempted the PC gameplay style instead of controlling a sim like in the 2 games. :/

I enjoyed Sims 2 for PS2 and DS. They both were more fun due to the control scheme. Not fond of point and click, there's no interaction, no immersion. BUT many gigs of free from EA the Devil himself. Time to play a classic game with no mods.....no....adult....mods....either.....oh god I won't be able to handle it. >.< BUT Open For Business! :D Diner, mall, beach, toy store, bakery with underground poker, etc. here I come! Heh heh

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