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How do i get my character to be raped?

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Okay so i installed all the required mod in the correct order for Sexlab defeat, but ive been stood there with Linda (my skyrim character) and she just gets killed, what do i do where is the key to activate this rape part?

UPDATE: Okay now i can surrender, but Linda, isnt gettig fucked, what do i do?


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It takes certain conditions also. Being hurt enough or running out of stamina, depending on your settings. The tooltip while hovering over the options says a lot on what all functions do, they're well written.

is there a way i can get a bandit to F**K her? she can rape them , but they can to her?

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I laughed a little when I saw you censor "fuck" but not "rape".


And yes, a bandit can rape your followers as long as some conditions are met (I'll assume we're talking about Defeat, I'm a bit lazy to read the rest of the thread). Just play with the config and make sure "Companions - Victims" and "Companions - Aggressors" are activated.

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