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missing meshes and strange positioning.

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So I downloaded the Maternity files and instilled them.  The first time i had sex in the game I was inside of the male with a complete mesh body.  The second time I had sex my body mesh was missing but my head and hands where there, but we were in the right positions.

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Remove any mods that are inactive that you aren't using.  They count towards your mod limit.  Stuff starts breaking ~140.  Other people have stuff start breaking sooner.  Mine's 100.  If you want to keep all 165, search the regular Fallout tech support forum for "merging mod" or "merge mods".  There are instructions in there on how to use FNVEdit to combine esps into one file.


Read the info or watch the video on the Skyrim script mod for FNVEdit page to make sure that things are setup/run properly the first time.



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You should regroup all your sexout mods together for readability and near the bottom of the list then run another BOSS/LOOT sort.

You are missing SexoutOffSpring for the Offspring of Pregnancy if you want them to follow you.

Read this excellent tutorial by Ritual Clarity on how to set up ACR & Maternity Clothing, invisible means the mesh isn't installed correctly : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/30291-tutorial-scr-resources-folder-creation-and-installation/

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Thanks.  That fixed my missing meshes.  I am still seeing people in people when having sex, but others are too so i didnt do something else wrong.  So I have another question.  I been working on a mod at one point.  I started making the mod with NG 82 but it never got updated to NG84.  Is there a secret to upgrade a mod to go along with the current phase of requirements for the mod? 

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There is nothing you need to do to upgrade mods, anything working in 82 should work in anything newer unless you were modifying sexout resources (scripts, etc). If you feel like it, you can change your calls to the new UDF syntax, documented in the API sticky in the sexout forum.

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