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Help with a slavery playthrouh?


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So ive just started a new savegame and made a really beautiful character with the intentions of roleplaying as a slave. Are there any mods out there that let me be kidnapped and taken to a camp, or let me work as a prostitute? Id prefer to be captured by mainly other women (Or if possible, a follower that I have donwloaded).


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Another three would be Slaverun, Captured Dreams, and mthralling.

Slaverun needs more quests but has made a good start.

Captured Dreams is being expanded as I write. It plays to D/s dynamics very well and will only get better.

The last one, mthralling, I am playing around with right now. It is a mod that changes the dynamics of vampires in Skyrim. If you want to experience your PC as a slave, try it.

Play as a human and go along with the "game". If you are patient and have the correct items, you will be betrayed and become a vampire cow. That's it, your PC now belongs to them. Your game is going to change radically being a blood slave to vampires. Read the OP of the mod carefully! This is the only mod I have ever played that made me feel my PC was really a slave. I would love to see some of the mechanics of this mod incorporated into the slavery mods being developed here on LL.

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