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Zaz mod help?


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Hello guys,

I need a little help to set up some objects from Zaz Animation Pack right. I made a torture room and want my followers to use their new toys, like the X-cross for exsample!

What I was looking for is a little step by step guide how to get  NPCs (Followers) to interact right with the Zaz resources.

I know how to get all the animation files in the CK, I made some simple custom idle markers already. But I´m a bit lost with the Zaz animations and his furniture objects.

Maybe someone can help me or knows an existing guid how to do...


Thanks in advance


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thanks for the replay, I was reading that documentation... but lots of the things are very cryptic :) for my understanding! I guess it´s easy to miss something and nothing will work!?

that´s why I need an example, step by step from the beginning!

like: go under STATIC, create a new item... then go ... applay a new script... and so on


But thanks again




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