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[WIP/REL]sexlivion milker


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To add some vivid effects to an old mod.



updated 01/06/2014

new vid:http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/9670/milking-stages









Drink milk from any friendly npc's breasts.

Combined with HTSCL hunger/thirst mod,drinking milk quenches your thirst and fills you up.


Now the visual effects come in 3 stages,[1]target takes off clothes [2]milk spray [3]target starts to pant and drip milk from breasts.

Magic effects: restore health,magicka,fatigue and fortify strength,willpower,agility.

Every time you milk,you'll get a bottle of Cyrodiil milk(from htscl mod),which is a major material for cheese making.


How to use: 

First You'll need to acquire some sperm(thick) potions by sexual temptation magic(It costs a lot of time) or buying it from Cherry.

When you speak with Cherry in the moonlight inn,you can exchange milk accelerants with sperm(thick) potions.

Then go to the street,find a girl with her deposition larger than 75,"switch" to sexual temptation magic and press shift+O to make her drink the accelerants.

After she has some milk in her breasts,press O to milk her breasts. 



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So I am a bit confused...I can't get the milk to spray as intended. I can get milk spray from http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14327-tweaklovers-3d-milk/ and it works just fine and everything else in this mod works fine too, except for the milk spray? i did not overwrite sexlivion with 3dmilk when asked so what could I do? (btw there's something you need to help just ask, this is my first post so idk if im doing anything wrong...)



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