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Banned By Nexus, For Telling 2 Years Ago Story...


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Hi guys, yesterday morning (05/16/2014 10:38AM [+8 GMT]) I was banned by Nexus moderator AceGoober for telling a story that happened 2 years ago.


At that time, I was having 2 versions of Skyrim, legit and unlegit, but not for long. You see, in my country, that Malaysia, most of the copy of the game here is pirated. You won't find any legit game here ever. Except maybe at some expensive mall. So I installed it at my desktop, and played. Then, when I was in town (where I live, the village didn't have any internet connection at that time) I stumbled upon the modded skyrim in youtube. So I go home, borrowed a prepaid wifi from a friend, and try to install mods. Then I knew on that time, tha my version can't install any mods.


That's when I decided to buy a legit one, after I saved up some money to buy a lappy for me, and buy a copy of my Skyrim through steam. Scraped my pirated one after that. So I played modded skyrim from that day on. Then year later, I found Nexxus site. And started to download that mod there as steam community didn't have what I wanted.


So, I was telling a story then, when AceGoober said, show me the proof of purchase on your desktop then you can come back. Problem is, I don't use desktop anymore, as I have moved into the city. And I've scraped that game a couple of years ago.


He just insta-ban me, without listening to reason.  Though I'm a bit pissed off, but with nothing that I can do, swearing also won't help any, I just lay low, humbly asked them to remove my trace in Nexus, after the appeal. Hope they erased all of em. Including that quote that seem to humiliate me when he doesn't even know the whole story.


You just wanna help by telling an example of your story, and what do get by helping? Insta-ban and humiliations. So, I came here. Hoping to join a new family.


Hello all...

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Motherfuckers there are always on trigger fingers regardless of what you say on any of their fora -- one wrong word posted will kill your account.


You and I wonder how and where the fuck Darkone gets his moderators -- to them, the customer can be wrong, they don't give a flying fuck if they lose one or a thousand users, they'll shoot before asking questions, and this Limey relies mostly on ads to keep his business afloat, while risking thousand pounds sterling by expanding into other games that are even remotely moddable.


And we have already a thread dedicated to a variety of Nex atrocities and other human rights violations, which began when a guy who posted comic strips there got fragged.



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Modders from Nexus should oughta realize that being there at Nexus just posted a threat to them and their mods. Only 1 people complain to you, and bam, insta-ban. You say the word 'pirated', bam, insta-ban. Most of the moderators actually don't know how to get the job done. All they know is:


"Oh look! Its the 'pirated' / 'torrented' / 'arrgh' word. Where's the ban button?"


Tell me if that's not true. I was browsing the banned section and get this, 1 user get banned just by posting, "Do it like a pirate! Arrgh!!" for a comment. And I got banned cause starting a story that happened couple of years ago. What gives?



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I said it once before, but it bears repeating: it's nobody's business what you've got on your bloody PC. I don't know a site that would ban on sight for "being a pirate", unless you outright promote piracy or post links to illegal content. For simply talking about piracy or mere possibility of having something illegal a warning is the worst you can usually get.


Of course not on the Nexus, as the Nexus has to push everything into comical extremes.

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Ya i agree its total bs you bought the game as soon as you could just as i did altho i never type anything anywhere on nexus that i dont  need to so i should be safe. Personally I ran a pirated vesrion for quite some time i dont have a job and couldn't afford it. Well about a yr ago i finally nailed a job and guess what i did with my first paycheck. Altho I did loose that job the same week i got my first check I haven't looked back just cause you used to or even if you still do there is no reason to ever ban you or anyone for it unless you start telling people where or how to acquire it.

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