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Favorite Nes Game


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He gave it more justice in his Castlevania marathon.


The game is flawed, sure, but it has an amazing atmosphere and music. The main problem is the lack of tips, but somehow I managed to beat it as an 8 years old kiddo, having no clues (there was no Nintendo Power in Poland) and barely knowing a word in English. Personally I think it was better than this stairways-to-hell nightmare Castlevania 3. 


This has to be one of the creepiest tracks I've ever heard:

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Guest Omega1084

AVGN can shoot himself on Twitch for all I care.

He's just another shitty gimmicky retard famous on the internet for his loudmouth bullshit and colorful, immature insults.

He's to journalism what Pewdiepie/Markiplier/Tobuscus are to Let's Play.


Anyway, on-topic, I just remembered Ninja Gaiden having an NES game that was fucking awesome :v

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Hey there ! what is your guys favorite NES game ever ? personally, mine is Super Mario Bros 3 (yeah ik, so obvious lol). This is my first topic on this site since joining, so just trying to be part of the group !

I thought that Super Mario Bros 3 was on the SNES... or am I wrong?  I don't remember.


My favorite NES games were probably the Megaman games right now, but if I put on my nostalgia glasses, it's easily the tiny toons games.

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Guest Omega1084


I thought that Super Mario Bros 3 was on the SNES... or am I wrong?  I don't remember.

What you're thinking of is Super Mario All-Stars which had SMB1, 2, and 3, along with Lost Levels.

The original SMB3 was on the NES.


AVGN is not "another" but the first one, all the Angry Joes or Jim Sterlings are copycats. He's acting and deliberately exaggerates games flaws in his videos for the sake of entertainment.

At this point they're all a big blur I can't stand.

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Shit!  I forgot about Spy Hunter, Double Dribble (I could make 3 pointers from anywhere), Lemmings (I used to beat my friends so badly at this game), Top Gun, Defender of the Crown (never lost a joust), Double Dragon 1 to 3 (those combos were so damn cool), Blades of Steel (I spent most games fighting) and last but NOT least "Uncharted Waters".


I don't remember how many hours I spent amassing fleets and going on to become King. 


Fuck me....I think I actually had way more fun (and free time) with a NES back when I was younger, than I do computer games of today.

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Gonna have to wholeheartedly disagree with the AVGN/Angry Joe/Jim Sterling hate. Sure you may not like em but I don't think it's sensible to call any of them retarded. Plus I find it ludicrous to claim that any of them are copying the other. AVGN is an entertainer. Whether you find his content entertaining or not is entirely your opinion, but since he looks at old titles I don't really understand the whole "Journalism" argument (or how exaggerating game flaws in old games is an issue at all). But then again I only watch his retro reviews, maybe there's something I'm missing? Angry Joe reviews games as they are being released, so asides from the "Angry" part, I fail to see the copycat claim holding water. As for Jim, the only content of his that I watch is Jimquisition, and that's a show that is very much different from what AJ or AVGN does. Do these guys exaggerate game flaws for the sake of entertainment at times? Sure, perhaps they do. But hey, it's entertainment. There's a myriad of other reviewers out there if you don't find that a certain one fits your tastes. I'm sure you already knew that, and to be honest, I don't really know what the point is I'm trying to make right now. I guess I just wanted to get my thoughts out, no ill will out of this, eh? Alright.


Now for my contribution:

The original Castlevania is without a doubt the best NES game that I've ever played and easily one of my favorite games of all time. That game is an absolutely timeless classic. I'm tempted to post a link to Egoraptor's Sequelitis video on Castlevania 1 to Castlevania 2 because his thoughts on the first game are ones that I agree with completely. Everything about that game's design were deliberate in that enemy placement, level design, controls, items, and the whip itself were factored in to make a gaming experience that proved to be an enormous challenge, but a fair one for the player. It's absolute genius and a pinnacle in terms of game design. Hardly has there ever been a game that has left such a lasting impact on me, partly because this game requires so much thought, strategy, and skill to pass these enormous obstacles (the last game that did this was Dark Souls, go figure). It's gotten to the point where I've memorized item locations, memorized enemy spawn patterns, and figured out the most ideal ways to beat the game's incredible boss battles. I say that this game is a timeless classic, because it's one that I can pick up and play to this day without feeling like its an aged game similar to Super Mario 64 or Golden Eye, but also because it's one that I discovered only about a year ago. I always thought that my childhood games would always dominate my top favorite games of all time, but the fact that this recent addition has made so much of an impact on me just goes to show how much I respect and enjoy this game.

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