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  1. Has anybody ever used the word slooty in real life? Thanks for the mod by the way.
  2. Don't suppose there are touched by dibella body files for this anywhere?
  3. Everyone being caking in dirt and grime never made sense to me since there are rivers EVERYWHERE, it couldn't be hard to take a bath.
  4. I hope followers work with it this time.
  5. So after a bleedout event my character sits there for about 20 seconds and then when she gets up after a few seconds she starts doing this air humping animation, I have no idea why.
  6. Why would you pre-order a digital product? What are they gonna do, run out of copies?
  7. I used Nemesis for a while and it was working great, scenes loaded faster and it was all good, then suddenly it just broke. After trying the new version it gave me a unicode error so I had to go back to FNIS.
  8. This may have been brought up already but if you use estrus chaurus it breaks any chaurus pets you have after they use their scripted impregnation, they will not attack.
  9. Yeah I have invisible dogs too, not many of them but they are around.
  10. Good on you, I've been looking for a defeat replacement.
  11. People still use these mods? Everything that guy released was broken.
  12. I hope this mod works out, defeat works....sometimes so you'll be the hero for this one.
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