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Help The Undead

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Hello and thank you for your time :)

I download this Resource (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40660/?) long time ago and I just wondering if I put these resource to kind of costume. However since I lack of knowledge and Nifscope, I managed to put those resource undead into costume but the size become too big. Like this :


(Sorry my photobucket seems keep rejecting my ISP)

I dont know how to rescale in nifscope, or maybe to put the mesh pieces into one so I can create into one costume. Can anyone help me to put those pieces into one set and re-scale it so I might use it properly? Thank you :)


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In your Pictures I could not notice the wrong size but the undead looks very deformed, so I downloaded the Mod.

Ok the meshes are too big ( Therefore it was mentioned in the readme scale the creatures to 0.74 )

post-3205-0-51121300-1399577320_thumb.jpg human and the undead

And the meshes are creatures meshes, they use the Skeleton.nif of the Skeletons. If you use the meshes with a human Skeleton it looks like on your Pictures.

post-3205-0-35955500-1399577387_thumb.jpg undead with Skeleton Skeleton.nif and deformed with human Skeleton.nif


Think without Blender work you can not make the Meshes human compatible. ( I can not use Blender )


here a all parts in one nif full Mumie.7z

Edit: here a 0.74 scaled with NifScope Version ( but I don't know if it works ) full 74 Mumie.7z


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For the invisible are the texture paths and meshes correct I believe invisible is missing meshes. Was it set up in the CS to be wearable and placed in a chest? If yes then check and make sure that they are set to the correct body parts.

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The textures path is ok ( it is the same as the single Body parts. and I checked the textures Folder)

You have made the Body to use as armor or clothes ? Have you set replace Head,Hair,Upper-,lower- Body, Hand and foot ? (best also use hide rings and amulets)

Have you used the right nif Name ( I named the  full Body mesh "full Mumie.nif" or "full 74 Mumie.nif" )


Edit: test Body full Mumie.7z as clothes with Settings replace Head,Hair,Upper-,lower- Body, Hand and foot,  hide rings and amulets.

Size is normal human size. textures are fine.  Tested with a torch also fine.


So it must be a Problem with you clothes Settings.


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