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How Do I Add Functional Sex To Mods?

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I'm not sure how to phrase it but I guess that'll do.

More specifically, I have the Silent Hill mod but it seems that it's not compatible with sexout.

The various creatures seem to have the same base meshes (groaner = dog, stalker = spore) so I'm guessing it's just a name thing and I can direct them to the proper animations?

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Still using formlists as far as I know, will probably use skeletons later if it works well in Spunk, either that or it checks the formlists as well. Iknow it works with mature pregnancy offspring and I add them to the lists.

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NX_IsUsingSkeleton works but additional checks are needed for some skeletons. For instance, all geckos use the same skeleton, but some subspecies are larger and may need some offset/scale work so need to be detected as a separate species for that. Spunk does those additional checks based on vanilla abilities (DT, waterbreating, fire resistance) that some subspecies have or don't, or based on factions. Maybe with new nvse functions that second pass may end up being based on the body nif instead but that'll require some testing and isn't a priority for me right now.


I know prideslayer thinks making a double pass like that (skeleton first, other criteria second) is a bit of a hack and would rather have a method instead that'd work in one pass, but what I use does work in the mean time and is more inclusive right out of the box than formlist-based. Ie if a mod-added creature uses any type of vanilla skeleton, it'd default to some anim no matter what if there are any, and there's very little buildreffing required to make it work for DLC and FO3 variations of species. (There's obviously the drawback that the existing anims may not fit the new creature, but hey, it's something.)


For the OP however, the only method to achieve sexy time is still going to be to ListAddForm each creature to each formlist at load time.

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