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Scam on Steam

Darkening Demise

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According to many people with their posts and claims all around the internet and Steam, this guy is conning us. After spending more time looking into it, I've come to an agreement on that claim. The 'developer' stole art from someone, he's editing people's posts, banning negative feedback, and posting false threads claiming new content that is obviously a load of bull. Help report this crap and rid of yet another scam. He's clearing the discussions, and placing them in a 'troll' section. Wow.

Figure I should warn people. The more I looked into it, it does appear so as a scam with a terrible 'dev' who has shown many signs of being a con man. Having his friends on his list state false praise reviews and comments.



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The best part of it all: It was greenlit.


Which mean the people wanted this on Steam.


Well with Greenlight, for the most part people only vote for a game based on the idea of what the game is, as well as some screenshots of the game. May I remind you of Guise of the Wolf and how that was Greenlit despite looking and being ass?

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It's kind of baffling on how game devs simply don't learn from the fallout of putting out a shitty game and thus acting shitty on the steam forums and how it makes their company look. For example, Day One; Garry's Incident and Guise of the Wolf, both shitty games and people on the steam forums voiced themselves on the steam forums only for the dev in control of the forum to delete all negative criticism, even going as far as making bullshit claims of the game being good and "totally not shit guys!" on the likes of Metacritic and even the steam forums. It's a disgusting practice and honestly, the devs are shooting themselves in the foot. Also, just because it's early access really doesn't mean you can release shlock that Earth 2066 and say "It'll get better later guys", if you're putting it on Early Acess at least make it so the game isn't totally horrid and resembles a game that actually looks and plays like a game! 

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Early Access and Steam Greenlight is such a good idea but there really needs to be some quality control. It's getting out of hand and I fear for legitimate developers who will have to pay for the scam artists marring the reputation of the whole bunch.

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Steam needed this 'reminder'. Maybe now they'll only allow betas of games that are at least 70-80% finished (akin to MMOs) before charging any money for Early Access. And they need some kind of Quality Control (as Contessa mentioned above), as well as set up a contractual refund policy with those EAG Developers that fail to deliver on their promise of a finished, bug-free product.


THEN I might consider 'donating', if I can find one of interest. Throwing my money away on half-assed crap and pixilated Shampoo games (Buy-Play-Uninstall and Repeat) is not an option, which describes most of the Greenlit games that infest the site.




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