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Live Another Life: Which is the Best Home to Start with?

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One of the options is to start off as a home/property owner in one of the major cities. with Fast travel it doesn't matter which city you choose.

---is there any difference in the homes? The solitude one is the most expensive.


But which one would you choose? Is Solitude's house bigger than the others? Or are you paying merely for location?


And while I'm at it, do I need to save/store all the dragon bones/scales I'm accumulating? or is it just loot I can sell?

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Overall, the houses have the same number of beds but the house in Solitude has a few more features, especially if you add kids. Whiterun, Riften and Markarth all require the player to give up something, usually either the enchanter or alchemy station that is there where Solitude doesn't (though Solitude can be buggy with kids). If you don't plan on getting any kids Whiterun has the least to offer with just an alchemy station where the rest both have an alchemy station and enchanter (Riften also has a tanning rack). Solitude has more space than the others, Markarth is next largest then Riften with Whiterun being the smallest.


Dragonbone can be sold, you can't really do anything with it until you can craft something with it which requires a 100 Smithing skill.

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I tend to use the got off the boat at Windhelm option, myself. :)  It's got everything you need for crafting, enchanting, and potions right there in one area (many people miss the enchanting table in the market behind Niranye's stand).


I use either Immediate Dragons or Dig Up Dragon Bones mods to get dragon bones and scale. If you plan on smithing all your own stuff, hang onto all bones and scales - you'll be able to make really great armor and weapons with them. It'll eventually be worth more than selling them. If you don't plan on smithing, sell them!


Be forewarned that if you use Immediate Dragons, you'll run into a dragon outside of Windhelm or Kynesgrove almost immediately, so don't leave Windhelm without a decent weapon, and have decent armor or potions ready.


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Whiterun or Markarth, because you're going to want access to the full set of crafting stations, and all the rest lack a smelter.


Breezehome is all i ever bother using, as it's the most conveniant. It has many containers within a small area so it's real easy to organize your crap, there's a full smithing setup right outside the door, and the only downside is that you have to walk up to Dragonsreach to use an Enchanter.

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