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[Outdated] PayBandit Harsh bribe guard with sex 1.0

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When playing lovers with Pay bandit plugin I found out you can pretty much get away with anything up to murdering someone. If you had less then 1000 bounty you could avoid goig to jail by giving guard a blowjob. I didnt like that so I edited dialogues, there are 2 versions: one with 100 bounty limit and second with 200. Now its harder to get away with more serious crimes.

This mod goes well with lovers true crime, personally I used enchanced economy to make crimes give more bounty.

Ideas for next version: if you have little bounty you only give guard a blowjob, at highier you have sex with him. Another thing is where you have sex. Guard should follow you to some quiet place if you decide to pay with your body, until you do you still have bounty on you.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bpisog55bfbohoc

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Hmm, thanks, think I may actualy use this over the original.


It stops working after 1,000 gold anyway; so it never covered murder. It also doesn't make sense that you can have robbed 999 golds worth of stuff from the nobles of Layawiin and you can get away with it by giving a corrupt guard a blowjob (potentially) infront of the Count. More paltry sums and the fact the guard doesn't want to do it in public view is fun and realistic: you can really go and 'pay' off the bounty or it gives you another chance to escape.


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Oh shit, I honestly didnt try to go to jail. I forgot about testing this. If it didnt work in original version then it will not work here.


EDIT: For some reason I cannont pay with my body at all. Can anyone tell my if my little mod works?


EDIT 2: Damn it looks that Pay bandit is somehow messed up, but I need you guys to tell me if its only on my game or if its all messed up.

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With lover paybandit, assuming you are playing a female character, you can pay crimes when catched by gards with your body (it hadd a dialog option).

This option is available up to 1000 g in bounty.


With the edided by taro8, the 1000 g limit is lowered depending of the options

So, little crime can be arranged... but serious crimes can not.

The integrity of the town gards is updated  ;)


Am I right ?


I am really interested in the possible gradiation of action depending of the bounty, it is good for roleplay (what about Hieromnus Lex ? Will he allows it or get ride ride of corrupted gards ?)

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The mod works, "problem" is the bounty of different acts has been edited. Pretty much the only way to "notice" that the mod is in effect is by pick pocketing someone(And have a guard or whatever see you) because Assult(Random hitting, the most common way to try crime mods) is 200g. Therefore the only way to pay for the crimes with your body is with minor crimes(Theft, pickpocket, etc). Personally I quite like it, as you probably won't be able to "fuck" your way out of murdering someone.


The reason why the option do not appear for some people is probably because they do one of the "violence" related crimes, which immediately brings your bounty up to 200, and is why won't be able to see the option, you're already past the limit.



Paybandit allows you to pay bandits, bounties, tavern expenses and a few other things by having sex with said people. In the original version you can "pay" these things up to 1000g, if the cost goes beyond that the said people will refuse. This version brings that "limit" down to 100 or 200(There's two esp's to choose from in the download).

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I wont reupload it. That verson had a big problem with missing dilogues, I will try to make another one.


I was thinking about something like this:when you offer yourself to the guard he may accept it depending on the bounty. When you have right ammount of bounty he will follow you. Then you can either murder him of fuck him.


*up to 100 bounty you give him blow job

*101-200 you fuck him


Over you go to jail.


For some reason I broke topics, so I need to redo this, I will be using some scripts from adult play plus so it will be required.

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Guest sbjyp01

That link said to me


Invalid or Deleted File.


The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.

If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support.


Would you upload it again pleaze? :)

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I wont reupload it. That verson had a big problem with missing dilogues' date=' I will try to make another one.




For some reason I broke topics, so I need to redo this, I will be using some scripts from adult play plus so it will be required.



Please read up before posting in the future. It will save you from angry responses and much sarcasm. :)

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