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did you start a new game choosing this race ?       as it adds a new race you need to start a new game and choose it to be able to play with



if you did so  did you switched to female ?        as it meant for female only   the race is not showing when you have not selected the female



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Are you using OBMM? (oblivion mod manager) Is your load order correct? Download TES4Edit by ElminsterAU http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/11536/? Unzip it and run the .exe that is in it if TES4Edit hits a error in the load order it will stop and give a reason at the bottom right area read it fix it close TES4Edit and keep doing that till TES4Edit no longer hits any errors and is able to load everything up. Then try your game again. 

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All races (NPCs and Player) use the nude Body Mod you have installed in data\meshes\characters\_male (foot, Hand, upperbody, lowerbody nif)

Only if you use setBody (setBody self spell) or blockhead your charcater can have a unique Body.


If you use the GSBDraeneiRace there are clothes-bodies you can wear. (a chest with the clothes is in the "The Testing Hall" )

You can use these clothes-body-meshes and replace one SetBody Body you don't need/like (you must rename the meshes according to the meshes in the setBody Folder) and in game you use the setBody self spell and choose your Body, then you have the hooves Body with big boobs when you are naked.

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^ What Fejeena said. I wouldn't know how to make the mod scripted so the body automatically gets added upon selecting the race. This is the main reason I implemented the body parts, especially the hooves, as wearable/equipable items. Also for those who even aren't using any 'SetBody' mod at all.


The updated version with the hoofed equipment was made so players aren't stuck with just a few naked blue bodies. I put in about every piece of pretty hoof conversion I could find. Sure, there is a full stock armor and clothing replacement resource pack available. But I can't imagine many people are interested in dressing up their Draenei characters in hoofed sack cloth pants, that's why I only took very few files from that archive. Shrouded armor, Thadon's robe.


I'm sorry for the inconvenient way to get the body meshes from that chest. And remember that you will at least need Growlf's Universal Skeleton ('controllable' version) because the body parts are BBB- and Bouncing Butts-enabled. LAPF skeleton is even better.


If however the body parts or armors/clothes aren't showing up when you equip them, you might need to check the file paths in your install:

All of the mod's mesh folders need to be in 'Meshes\Characters\Draenei', the texture folder must be in 'Textures\Characters\Draenei'.

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