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Some newbie modding questions


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Guest Ragna_Rok

shit, sorry dude, havent read that today... ooookay, well ... basics for rookies.


usually an object in-game is made out of 2 parts. a nif-file, and a dds-file. the nif is the mesh (the unpainted shape) and also includes the uv-map (data that tells the game how to wrap the texture around the unpainted shape)... the dds-file is the texture.


if you take a sword for example, and want to recolor it black, you would have to find the right dds-file (you can export meshes AND textures from skyrims bsa files (watch out, meshes and textures = 2 separate bsa files for the main game, extract both) with a tool called "fo3archive", freeware, best export all and then look around the files exported on your harddisk). now there are lots of ways on how to change textures, i go like this, and use "ddsconverter" and "gimp" and "nifskope" (all freeware)...


when you extracted the files with fo3archive, look around what you extracted. look under textures, somewhere in a folder is a body-texture in dds-format. now you can use ddsconverter to make a jpeg out of this dds-file, which you can then work on in gimp like if it would be a regular picture. you can recolor them, exchange parts, whatever... when youre done with your texture changes, save the file as jpg, and go the other way around, use ddsconverter to make your custom jpg into a custom dds-file.


in case youd work on a sword, and color the whole damn thing black, youd now go to the sowrds nif-file, open it with "nifskope", that contains the mesh, click on the mesh you want to alter, look for a line called "bslightningshaperproperties", and open this branche... then you can find entries that link the mesh to the texture file (the dds one) ... now you would simply replace the regular link to the regular dds file with linking the niffile to your custom texture file... the rest is ck work.

(actually with weapons youd have to change 2 files, 1stperson and regular view, but thats not the case with bodies as far as i know)


theres much more to modding than that, but i hope i could at least give you a general idea on how retextures work... aint got that much time left, only 5 mods done for now, and i wanted to upload 10 new mods tomorrow, gotta hurry ;)


cheers, good luck

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