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Recently playing Vindictus/Mabinogi CN(China) because vindictus international has an ip block, don't know if EU has as well.


I've tried tackling modding it, i understand the basics. But not worked so far.


I've tried the .hfs method , hfssign, VFIleZip, it all resorts to file error 36.

I've tried sinject and dll file method resorts to hackshield crash.

I've tried make data folder and paste mods there didn't work because i think vindictus CN doesn't read data file outright, anyone know how to make it read it?


Help please.

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vindictus is unmodable now its pretty much impossible as far as i know


Uhmmm. I think i just did :)





















Ill put up one with proper armor break, when i get the time.

Plus i just found out how to change breast and butt physics and sizes like to double melons round ass.

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Just be careful, Nexon might get annoyed at what your doing. They don't like modding the client at all.


I find it funny though they call it "global" servers, but they don't include Asia. Then how the hell can it be a global server!!!


The IP block which stops Asia from playing with the rest of the world is due to Vindictus being a peer to peer MMO. Nexon doesn't like Asia connecting with the rest of the world, which is stupid in my opinion.

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Ark, huh?


Vindictus China has no IP block on all asian countries, all you need is the english patch im using, what i dont know yet is are the CN servers have ip block againts other countries.


Anyone tried if Vindictus EU has an Ip Block? or if vindictus eu and us will run fine with a lagless proxy.




@Cezul : playing on China atm cuz of the ip block

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Ark, huh?

Nevermind :)


Vindictus China has no IP block on all asian countries, all you need is the english patch im using, what i dont know yet is are the CN servers have ip block againts other countries.

Keyword: Asian, I can't access it due to being in the EU. Tried earlier and it wouldn't work :(


Anyone tried if Vindictus EU has an Ip Block? or if vindictus eu and us will run fine with a lagless proxy.



Some say it does and some say it doesn't but from what I have read you can access the US server from the Philippines, if you really want to.

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Anyone want to help me get registered on Vindictus CN? :)


I can't speak Chinese :s When I translate it keeps giving me a box to do with ID?




For an awesome guy like you, you brain doesn't seem to be functioning regarding Chinese words :P


Ok let me teach you, and everyone willing to play Vindictus CN since CN doesnt have IP block.


This site : http://member.tiancity.com/Registration/EmailGameReg.aspx?skin=mabihero&from=mabihero


Listen :

first block : email address

second block : pass

third block : pass retype

fourth block : email retype

fifth block : first name (now this is obvious, copy your first name in Google translate and translate it to Chinese simplified then paste the converted one in the field)

sixth block : Chinese identification ID, there are lots out there use your search skills guys :)

last block : capcha


Once confirmed confirm it in your email.


Now to login

follow the picture in order





For english patch search or ask arkoftruth, i sent him the updated copy of english patch, lynn not yet translated tho.

For mods ask me, windows 8 is currently not available to mod vindictus since the hackshield updates with windows 8 as well meaning advance hackshield, if you are using windows7 or xp modding is fine.


Here are examples of modded vindictus:


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Charming :P


At the moment I am just sitting on the character creation screen thinking what character to use.


Xae using Hurk, me using Vella, friends using Lann , and Lynn, Raiden is going for Karok. if you prefer speed go for lann, if you prefer losing ur hp but berserking your way through everything use hurk, if you prefer boss grabing smack downing boss , QTE bosses use karok


Actually go for Kai. Secondary weapon on level 10 is van hellsing's automatic crossbow

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I've modded Vindictus too as you can see here.



Actually i dont know why every nudepatchside is using my pic. Yes, its my character, lvl 57 or so, i actually dont know it anymore, i dont play it since a half year or so ? idk :D

I had take this pic for the mod on Nudecreator.org. I think its still there but the servers currently down.

And Nexon never banned me for it or something in that way, and this "Shipscreenshot"-story, I still dont believe it.

I think i could mod this game a second time, if i had time to install it.


Edit: I have millions of gold on my account, I only need to find out my accountname and pw :s

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Hmmm, the game launcher keeps telling me I have to choice the server again every time I close the game.


Meant to be like that or me broken something?


Edit: Seriously? Even after deleting the old character I can't reuse the name? :dodgy: Remade the character but the L is now a capital i.

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You can use the name , check if you really deleted ur character, here we go again with ur fails :P


Ive reused mia scarlet so many times since i tested what character to use.


You will need to select a server each time you log in.


Ghost play with us then

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