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  1. Mine is my character in GetAmped 2 which I used to play with Ark and Mailamea. Got bored of it through as Mailamea never plays and Ark can't be asked to play it when shes not online.
  2. Are you really surprised? On one side we have a modder who you get along well with who every now and then gives you a present. On the other side we have troll. Yeah saw that coming
  3. Some people can be really clueless to the emotions of others. Just remembers girls there is always someone out there willing to replace you and take your guy away.

  4. No idea why he deleted it. I do know however Mailamea said she still had the original mod on her PC somewhere and was thinking about uploading it here.
  5. Ark has already found the problem already and is correcting it
  6. She's joking She just waiting for help. She wouldn't give up a mod which is almost finished let alone one which had a custom script made from scratch exclusively for the mod and took a week to finish. At least she better be otherwise I am going to be sad.
  7. Lol, no mod is worth re-installing a fresh install just to test a fault Unless its one you were making.
  8. I think we can say this mod is dead?...........................
  9. Hang on.....your online but offline? How does that work?
  10. Obviously you have not had a proper workout, Sweating can cause, Ark give Mailamea a work out!! XD RUN MAN RUN!! XD You feel giddy now? You wait until Ark finishes what he is currently doing It will blow your mind.
  11. Progress? Any chance we get this during this month?
  12. So that's what you have been up to all evening
  13. Well it that case then he might as well not rush You said you would do it for Oblivion, you did 10 conversions and then left the mod for Ark to do saying you would be back in a couple of weeks. Almost a year later your still not back there doing it.......I'd give you 2 weeks and then you would stop doing it all. Just thought I'd point that out
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