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Need help with custom merging 2 mods


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Don't know how to custom merge these 2 hairpacks i have from apache . I have ck and wrye smasher i know these to together its possible.But to clarify both packs have hair styles i dont want. I was curious to know how do i get only the hair i need on 1 mod without all the crap im not using ?"my modding skills are newb @ this point please help   

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Any merging manual will do.

But it basicly comes down to:

- Renumber FormiDs from...


- Deepcopy as override into...

Create a new ESP and save it when closing TES5Edit.


But be aware that you should establish a proper load order first, so you know which mod to merge first, which last and which in between.


P.s.: Before you close TES5Edit and save your new plugin, do the changes you want in the merged plugin, as the other 2 can the be disabled.

And if the plugins was in ESM format before, ESMify you plugin before using it.

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This is to much to explain in pictures, especially if you're completly new to all this and still don't have the slightest clue about the plugin file format.
if you googled merging with TES5Edit correctly, some Youtube videos should have been in the search results.
Those are way more helpfull then a picture guide and those guys can explain this matter way better then me.

Some of them even cover merging scripts for TES5Edit.


Just try googling again and you'll get the help you're looking for.

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