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  1. Heya ceo i was wondering does the new 0sex include cum textures or is compatible with sexlab cumshot?
  2. Its a man baby ! lol jkjk Sorry i couldn't resist XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgOIEGz7o_s
  3. Im curious what about using a combo of yours and 4udiks approach.Let me elaborate.Basically making a new/ detailed clenched anus "with a small tube that can poke out a few inches from the body and unclench accordingly as stretched via animations during penetration.But also beable to clench back in and close using "rosebutt tech" making a equippable/ animated anus that rest right slightly above the mesh "though with the part of the tube on the sides that collides slightly through the skin to look as if its anal ridge is part of the respective m/f body .The open anus itself maybe improved with a
  4. Instead of hdt would it be more practical to make all the anal interactions by way of animation?So on default everythings closed but when penetration starts animate it the same way you would the bodies all at once.
  5. What all do you need done ?
  6. Well ixum you know me im pro paid to help dev "not for pay to play though" .Like me and my 3d guy sure i hire him to make my custom assets but at the end of the day im not making a profit off of em .Hell personally if i had successful patronage to continue developement at a more rapid rate would be awesome but till then slow dev time from my own pocket but worth it. http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6630--/#comment-143297
  7. Gods we need an asswhisperer... i mean a miracle we need a miracle "looks away bashfully" lol jkjk
  8. Fingers crossed groovetama replies.Though a question if for whatever reason there unable to help have you ever experimented with "scripted equippable anuses "from clenched to gaped varients?I realize it's not the same but i've seen some mods with scripted sex toys equipped at certain stages of sex .So when resting normal anus equips but when triggered with anal animations it switches to open.It would allow for more versatility with different bodies m/f ect without having to resculpt new bodies .I know its random of me to say this but just throwing it out there worse case scenario .Though don
  9. How do you plan to get the anus functional i ask cause im developing a new male mesh but didnt add any anal details"holding out till i can find a way to get a true anus for them" http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/forums/topic/6630--/#comment-143297
  10. YAY the team grows and the plot thickens "cue the dancing chickens" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy06kZIaH9Y&list=RDhN5X4kGhAtU&index=8
  11. Well i think it would be fun to explore and am willing to help im a concept artist.I tend to out source to get the final product for "tangible resources" that could be used for this.Though how would we set it apart as a game.In context to setting would it be a purely erotic or with romance and dating sim features.Then what would the esthetic and demographic be?Is it as open like lovers lab catering to both straight /lgbt things and ect?
  12. I wish though i do own the models i outsourced and hired a 3d artist in the past to make my concepts . I wanted to impliment them for a ambitious mod.Though developement has been slow sense i havent been able to find help to form a modding team. "below are some samples" one of the concepts is non lorefreindly as hes based off an anime character XD but everything else is original
  13. Id be interested i even have hd bods for male meshes to contribute to the cause lol
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