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Tied Hands while walking?


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Hey guys,

I'm working on a slavery mod right now, and I want it to be more complex than the usual "beat unconscious, put collar on, done" procedure...


What I am looking for are walking animations with tied hands. The important thing is, that it's walking animations and not just a pose. There's tons of tied poses out there, but I didn't manage to find any walking animations.


The PlayerInSlave mod for Oblivion has some walking tied hands animations, does anyone know something similar for F:NV?


Thanks in advance!

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if you have a regular walk, then just adjust the arms to placed in tight position and that should also work..


Instead of walking is crawling alright too ?? i think i have already uploaded a few of those for prideslayer.

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Would that Replace the default walk ?

if we wanna use it ?



the Crawling ?? it depends, if you change it to idles and use something like forwardwalk then the answer is yes, but you could also use sneak or special idle, in this case forward walk is not replaced.


If special idle is used you can set your own conditions on when to use it, but have to edit this in geck.


but this is what happen when you leave it forward walk.



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Thanks for the responses... seems as if there's more people interested in this than just me! I really hope we can come up with a solution.


I find it hardly realistic that with all existing slavery mods, one can always easily recreate slave collars. From my imagination, those collars are a masterpiece of pre-war technology and recreating of these should be more complex than just putting together some scrap metal with a bit of sensor modules and explosives. Therefore I create a different enslaving system: once you beat someone unconscious, you may tie his/her hands and bring him to a safe place, where you need to train him/her further before he/she will not try to run away anymore and serve you as a slave!

Using explosive collars will of course also be a possibility to instantly make a slave submissive, but they are horribly expensive and therefore using cheap materials, like duct tape and leather belts, is the lore-friendly alternative.


I hope you guys have a better picture of what I personally try to achieve and what kind of animations would be needed. Crawling animations are a start, but if I were a slaver I wouldn't make my slaves crawl behind me trough the wastes... as a slaver, time is money. And crawling is rather slow, isn't it? :P


Anyway, any animation that will make tied slaves look more realistic is a step towards the right direction. Still got shitloads of scripting to do, so there's plenty of time to find something usable...

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Reading your last post, is something i have already seen done. the mod is called FNNCQ by sesom, he was making a conversion from his mod from fallout 3 to new vegas, but it is not finished yet.

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I know, there's a few well done slavery mods out there. Still, I don't find the mass-reproducing of slave collars very lore-friendly. Not to talk of nano probes etc.


What I do is creating a slavery mod fittet to what I believe is lore-friendly and realistic. And therefore I need tied hands walking animations. There's also shitloads of body mods out there, and all have different aspects. So, I don't see the problem. :)


Anyway, back to topic.

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well i have the tied behind but you still need some thing to tied it down like robe.


Since this skeleton i used is bbb the boobs bounce as well.


if you want this too work well you also would need some kind of special idle for tied down, or else this would not look too good. because once you stop walking the regular idle would kick in and you would not longer be tied down.



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I always liked this mod for Oblivion. It was a mesh that had BBB and made the arms appear to be covering the characters body under the blanket, there were no custom animations, it was just a mesh. Donkey, could you just make a hands tied mesh? Then it would eliminate the problem of needing a special idle and all animations would have the characters hands stay bound.:D


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Here is the last one for while. Right now having very little time to work with blender. But this should keep you busy, Forward Backward and idle.



could you just make a hands tied mesh? Then it would eliminate the problem of needing a special idle and all animations would have the characters hands stay bound.:D


I am not sure what you mean, i never worked with mesh before. and i won't right now. Animations is already difficult enough to master, don't need more things on my plate..



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i am not sure if you are planning the same prideslayer is doing with the crawling animations, but if you want this to be able to loop from within geck,


then open the corresponding file, change the name, like forward with specialidle_forward then you will able to use loop forever from within geck. these animation where created with the base walk from new vegas itself, so they can be used as a replacer too.

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