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Dealing with the psychopath grin


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The grin in question is this one:


I heard there was a fix somewhere but not knowing its name I thought I'd ask here as this problem is the only one standing in the way of me releasing an update (or alternative version of) to CM Cris.

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I found this on 3dm awhile back for the EVY race bafoon smile. Not sure if she is EVY or not if she is this should work as it's what I used on my EVY https://mega.co.nz/#!YIJgTY4Z!Uit-mkWhWpljVsKo-ORK_WEDaSkKshODK1igZ_4KR0U%C2%A0 Hopefully the link works chrome is a piece of shit atm I can't open anything that has flash mega mediafire gaming sites or I get the AW Snap something happened crap about to uninstall the fricken thing and rolling it back to a older build and then prevent it from updating again. It worked just copy and paste the whole thing into your search bar.

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Its the personality setting, Change it to 65 and you'll have no more issues with Joker face. Seen this on Moonshadow, Lattamer and a few other elves.

Bribing them to their max personality (some where between 78 and 82) tends to make them smile a lot. Unless you hit them in or out of combat. Resetting the personality to 65 I found I didn't have to bribe them to "Join My Party" and they didn't produce this face.


BTW love all your partners, save for the chocolate elf. Something about the skin color.

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