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  1. That has to be the most kindergarten comeback I have seen in a good while, good job dude xD. Not sure if you are blind (after all, too much sodium can have nasty side effects), but LL does have...you know...sections, it is not just a mod sharing website, there are dedicated areas for stuff like screenshots, and, not every screenshot is about stuff that is going to be released, in fact...90% of the non-porn screenshots are indeed just showing off your game, or part of it, that is the purpose of the screenshots after all, to show off your game. Now, neither you, nor anyone else on the damn forum gets to tell member x or y what are they allowed to showcase (unless it's one of those sensible topics), if I have outfit x, and you not, bummer, if it was the other way around, bummer...thats just how things are, or are we going to start doing stuff like forbidding millionaires of driving their supercars on the public road because we can't buy the same cars?
  2. @Nepro I know right?...but even worse are those pricks who believe they are entitled to have everything they see in a screenshot, as if the ones actually making stuff and showcasing it actually owe them anything. Back to the OP: the clothes were ported by the author of the screenshot, he usually releases the stuff he ports after a while...just ask him about it.
  3. Krista ported that dress and renamed it to something else, dunno which file it is now, but you should find it here: https://www.4shared.com/folder/zSF63sQJ/Krista_Lady.html
  4. Just follow this guide and you'll be set with a stable game, good looking game, it's the first or second hit by typing "Oblivion mod guide" or similar in google ffs, if you want help modding this game, we are here to help...if you're just here to bitch about the game, because yes...go spend your precious student free time modding/playing one of the other "better" Bethesda games instead...nobody cares about your opinion.
  5. If you still have texturename_hl.dds and texturename_hh.dds in the same folder as the hair/wig's textures, delete/rename them.
  6. Tfw such a character would actually be relatively pretty by Oblivion standards a few years ago...how far have we gone XD I'm the modder behind the elf you linked here: First of all, it's a modified version of this race: https://monkeyangie.blogspot.com/2018/04/yapa-anma-13.html 2nd, regarding ENB not working at all, make use HDR is on instead of Bloom in the video options, if you are using Windows 10, you might need to dl this Now to the gritty...if you want a pretty character in this game, you need to put in effort, you want to waltz in and hope for something like some of the characters linked above in...6 days!?...you are in for disappointment and frustration, hell, you are already feeling it...this isn't Skyrim where everything is plentyful and ready to use, this requires investment, time and patience...6 days...way longer than that has been spent just making a character, between sliders, finding resources, tweaking stuff, retexturing, testing in game, flipping tables, tossing everything into the garbage bin and starting over from scratch...some of the characters you might see around here or @Nexus have years behind them, not days, weeks, months, but years...keep that in mind. With that being said and now looking like an asshole: - Get ENB working - Switch Natural Environments for All Natural (most enb pallettes don't work very well with Natural Environments) Then: - Get Construction Set - Get the race I linked above - Learn how to add hairs to a race with it (2nd post) - Get sliders with numbers mod Regarding the sliders: Keep these proportions in mind, further tweak them to your liking from there. - Choose a hairstyle first, you will "build" the face for the hair and not the other way around - Reset the sliders before doing anything - Try to avoid the cheekbone sliders unless you know what you are doing - Move the sliders with care, a few clicks on the left or right arrows can often be the difference between nope and yes - Avoid the big anime eyes, it will just look stupid - Try to go for a wider/slightly chubbier face, while keeping the chin thinner and shorter and counter balancing it the jaw sliders - Lower the eyebrows, also use these sliders for the eye angle This is all I can do to help, the rest comes with practice
  7. That is definitely one of Try_wat's FF races, can recognize that texture from a mile away, pming Hareriya (the author of the shot) for a link, might not be a bad idea Apart, from that, patience with the facegen sliders and coffee (or whatever it is that keeps you rolling), lots of it.
  8. Follow this guide...covers pretty much everything except adult mods, but for that you have the specialists around here.
  9. You can't see any of them?...odd, they link to either Nexus or Deviant Art...I generally avoid uploading if it can be linked, but will keep it in mind for the next time.
  10. I keep forgetting this thread exists...so, big dump again, enjoy...or not xD
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