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Dragon Priest Masks (Chinese mod )

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Obsidian did exactly this in New Vegas with Ulysses. Made his unique look possible, but on the other hand no facial movements.


Does not bode well for future modding if those master Asian facecrafters have to resort to this even after people have figured out the CK and mesh editing.

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Eh, I managed to dig up pics of the mod, disappointing.


Nowhere near as weird or scary as I'd hoped. Just a bland anime head thing.


Pity. Was kinda lowkey hoping the search for this mod would turn into one of those "Obsessed collector hunts for lost piece of art that secretly is reality-warping nightmare fuel" thing, like Le Fin Absolut De Mond or Prisoners of the Inferno.


Eh, can still write a decent creepy pasta about it.

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