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...it may not be an adult game yet, but it could very easily become such. Modding is already a big part of the game, with new races and graphics, though i'm unsure of mechanics. None the less, with some nude textures, and custom animations that the players could line up, the already popular roleplay servers could be rather fun.


I'd personally like to see interactions with the NPC enemies, but I imagine that is likely beyond the scope of modding, though perhaps not single-player mods.


Artists are already making fake screenshots/sprite-sex images, like the ones below.







There are possibities here... The game itself is already one of the most addicting and fun things i've found in years, the easy social aspect and NPCs easily raising it above Minecraft in my eyes.



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Ah yeah, I watch the artist on tumblr :) Pretty good work, he does.


As of right now, there are no adult mods; devs of that are most likely to wait until later Beta stages or at least until after the final wipe. But I totally agree. The RP-friendliness, the racial diversity, and the ease of modding so far holds some pretty good promise for 'em in the forseeable future.

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Dammit ,the possibility of this makes me want ot get Starbround. It's been on my Stea mwishlist since I heard about it, and I loved Terarria.



I haven't played Starbound, but I like the art style and atmosphere a lot more in Darkout.


But, Starbound seems to have won the popularity contest, somehow.



Don't buy it yet , game lacks lots of content and there are character/worlds wipes with nearly each patch. 


Overall game is kinda boring if you compare it to Terraria , you just grind 1000 ores for new item set then another 1000 ores for item that summons a boss. Ah and also you need to grind pixels ( game currency ).


Then you repeat this stuff on the next , higher level planet. Becouse armour from earlier planets is too weak and you get often 2-shotted by enemy mobs.


Lots of stuff needs to be rebalanced and fixed.


But if you enjoy giving a feedback then why not. Otherwise just wait till Starbound gets to the 3rd phase of beta testing. If you want to enjoy a almost-finished-game.

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is this in the game? if so i want to play it


Not yet, well at least not to the public.



First I thought that this wasn't right....but then the screens.

Is it easy to mod? I may go for it then. Especially if we get more...'mature' content.


It seems easy enough but it never normally is.

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i have this game now yay me!! anyway so this sex mod is it public or private?

This isn't a mod. Just a fake screenshot. Don't expect anything more complex than nude retextures for a while.


Artists are already making FAKE screenshots/sprite-sex images, like the ones below.


As of right now, THERE ARE NO ADULT MODS; devs of that are most likely to wait until later Beta stages or at least until after the final wipe.

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