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  1. Well folks, here it is: my final modding tutorial. It builds on the tutorial I've already posted, this time I'm covering more detailed .bin modding and packaging everything into an installer using Inno Setup. Tutorial.7z is the main archive, containing the tutorial in .txt & .html formats, as well as supplementary graphics. The .html version of the tutorial, while rudimentary, is probably easier to navigate, since it has easily clickable links. STO Extended Nude Mods 2.15.2 Inno Setup Source.7z is the full source I used to build my mod package installer using Inno Setup. If you install I
  2. I'm fairly certain the most recent STO update broke the actual Cryptic mod toolset, so it will likely require an update from the toolset author himself.
  3. Yes, I encountered a shielded planet after conquering a Fallen Empire. The planet was within their borders, and I saved just before completing the anomaly that I found after surveying it. Various outcomes can happen from the event: you can find a pretty good Admiral who joins your empire, you can find some hostile aliens that immediately attack you, or you can find some mothballed ships that you can commandeer. There might be other outcomes that I'm forgetting.
  4. Well, the "Safe Install" option should still work. I know it is a drastically-reduced form of the mod, but something is better than nothing, eh?
  5. Hmm, yeah, when patches make changes in the game skeleton files it does tend to cause crashes. I'm not sure if/when I may try to update to fix it, as I am not playing STO any longer.
  6. Best of luck! Hope it's much easier this time 'round.
  7. I might get around to it sometime, my motivation to play the game has died off considerably. For now, you can use the Safe Install option, that should be free of glitches.
  8. Tribble has development updates that introduce new features that break old versions of mods. If they were to be updated to work with these bleeding-edge development versions, then they would no longer work on the Holodeck stable version.
  9. Large patch inbound... likely to break mods horribly. Sigh.
  10. Wouldja believe it, more givey-ways: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9909953-star-trek-online%3A-season-11.5-giveaway! It's almost like they're getting desperate and don't know what to do to keep the game afloat any more or something.
  11. Yet more free stuff, if you're still playing this game: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9892173-star-trek-online%3A-first-contact-giveaways I've been playing less and less and less, due to many other games capturing my attention far more than STO is...
  12. The non-arc STO launcher has been and is still available from the official website: http://files.startrekonline.com/launcher/Star%20Trek%20Online.exe I never have included it in my mod package, but in the package I do have a batch file that runs the GameClient.exe directly without needing to go through the launcher. It is just a tiny batch script, not a full executable.
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