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  1. kurisu7885


    True, meaning keeping those up to date would be entirely o nthe players. I'm sure most of my Skyrim mods are broken to hell by now.
  2. The nexus doesn't have a problem with sexual mods... our very own CPU uploaded Scent of Sex to the Nexus, as well as it being the home of Animated Prostitution and various nudity mods for Skyrim... Add that to the fact that there are SEVERAL other sexual mods still on the Starbound nexus (mostly focused around homosexuality), and I have no idea what you're talking about... It's rape that they have a problem with, and bestiality. But none of the races in Starbound are just animals, they're all people. (Argonian and Khajiit are allowed to be sexual on the Nexus, so Avian, Etc would be to
  3. kurisu7885


    Eh, 1.0 has been much more stable mod wise. A few updates in and none of my mods have outright broken, and workshop support at least is making it much easier to keep things up to date.
  4. kurisu7885


    So I was exploring the higher tier worlds and I discovered, well, this thing. https://i.imgur.com/BG1m2Jg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xRhzArj.jpg The Alien Worm Gun. I'm sure I'm not the first to have one, and I began using it regularly because it's a strong weapon, but as soon as I fired it I said to myself "I know where this is going."
  5. kurisu7885


    Modded race support would be sweet too. at the moment the mod has an equipable bird dong, aswell as ride-able 2 dildos and a bear monster to get fucked by, and he plans to add every race/more shit, but he's pretty slow, and I'm too busy to do one myself which I'm quite sad about.. though my artwork would probably suck. It's kind of funny that both turn you into Avians though.
  6. kurisu7885


    Modded race support would be sweet too.
  7. Yeah but that's the same as saying IMVU or GaiaOnline are MMOs. They're social... things.. you can go to do things in. No monster slaying involved. Actually Second Life CAN have monster slaying with the right stuff, or, monster laying in this case.
  8. Amanda kept making threats if she ever found Michael in a stripper, I don't even want to know what she would do for this.
  9. kurisu7885


    I see a lot of "I don't want this, thus no one wants it" in that thread. I really dislike that attitude.
  10. kurisu7885


    It's still a possibility mods might break, but at least the code should be steady now. Plus it has animated tentacles now. Let's go all Captain Kirk on the universe!
  11. kurisu7885


    I'm glad to see this subject is still active. And 1.0 is officially out so, let's see what happens.
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