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Fixing male armor meshes that are not compatible with non-vanilla male texture mods

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Hello there,

got a question regarding fixing/converting armor meshes that were made with vanilla body/texture mods in mind.


Is it somehow possible to "convert" them by only using NifSkope, or do you have to use Blender to make armors compatible with Breeze or Roberts? For example, I tried to assign a different texture path (leading to the vanilla texture file) to various NiTriStrips for this .nif file. Looks all fine so far in NiFSkope. But for some reason, the body of the NPC still looks all fucked up ingame. I guess that method is not working, or am I missing something here to make it work?



Screenshot (306).jpg




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Sorry for not responding. was too much stuff going on.

it seems it takes a different body texture as you have chosen.

This could be that something lower on the load order overwriting the 'nude body' of the male character.

It could also be automatic acrive invalidation not running properly for you.


otherwise I can't really tell. I usually tell NIFSkope to use SHADER_SKIN as shader type.

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