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  1. How can we lure Odessa back out of her hole though?
  2. Another interesting tidbit: Enabling the "AllowShader3.0" tweak (shaderpackage013.sdp and shaderpackage019.sdp business) will make half of the ENB features not work (Detailed Shadows, Sun Glare, Sun Rays). So if you for example are trying to get Nightvision working with ENB, and installed the ENB Night Vision fix from Nexus, and it's still not working, the wrong shaderpackage here is the problem.
  3. It'd actually be way easier to just create it with FNVEdit.
  4. Try this maybe? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68776 Otherwise, you can contact the author and ask him to make it compatible with your race mod.
  5. Thanks for the list. Some interesting tidbits here and there. The more I read about PN, the more paranoid I get about my mod setup. lol
  6. Does the Radio only work when you're doing activities with a NPC? Just clicking on the radio in my Pipboy doesn't do anything, respectively, I can't hear custom songs.
  7. Delete the Rebalance Complete.esp that comes with Extra Options. This thing will fuck up your performance hard the more minutes you invest in your gaming session, eventually halving your fps after approximately half a hour due some script fuckery. I at first thought that my game was suffering from Memory Leaks, but even after actually enabling 4GBLAA, and using the newest version of Tickfix, I still got nasty performance degradation over time. So I did some investigation around other forums and eventually found out, that PN's Rebalance Complete plugin is supposedly notorious for performance problems (though it was never officially addressed on Nexus). And as it turns out after my 2 hour gaming session today, this thing actually was the cause of performance problems.
  8. You are missing a mesh. And I think that Animated Mojave is the cultprit here, since it changes base objects like the TV set and the coffee machine. Just download FNVEdit, load up the whole mod list and look for the entry "1F002FE8", it probably will be a static object / activator. You can see the "MODL - Model Filename"-path in the right window, and then check, if the .nif file actually exists in that path specified in the entry (also, don't use more complex mod organisers, they are causing more problems than they do good for most of the time. FOMM is still a great tool for managing mods.).
  9. Yeah, it's that. SexoutSound is the .esp name of the mod.
  10. Hmh, I can't really remember if Sexout had any other sounds than just the standard moaning sound. But yes, SexoutSound is a mod, and is highly recommended (even though its NV only, since you would have to create the F3 soundbits yourself).
  11. You gotta use SexoutSound for customizing sounds, and giving NPC's other sounds for different actions.
  12. The Sexout animations would need additional animation files to work correctly with FNV Enhanced Camera. So no, they don't have that. Like I said, the only option is manual placement of the camera.
  13. 1) Open Fallout New Vegas\Data\config\Spunk\private\RaceCats.txt 2) Add a new like this @New Vegas Redesigned 3.esm:0010D9 @SexoutSpunk.esp:000DC5 The "@New Vegas Redesigned 3.esm" should be the plugin name from where the race comes from. The ":0010D9" are the last 6 digits of the race entry in that plugin (in my New Vegas Redesigned 3 plugin its a African 40 entry) The "@SexoutSpunk.esp" should be obvious The ":000DC5" is the African American form list in SexoutSpunk in which the custom race will be placed with a line like I posted above . Here are the other form lists for SexoutSpunk 000DC3 = CAUCASIAN 000DC4 = HISPANIC 000DC5 = AFRICAN AMERICAN 000DC6 = ASIAN So you basically have to go through every New Vegas Redesigned 3 race entry via FNVEdit, take its last 6 digits, add a new line like above to the RaceCats.txt and match it with the appropriate form list that I posted above. 3) After you're done, you copy the RaceCats.txt into this folder: Fallout New Vegas\Data\config\Spunk\public\RaceCats and import the list via MCM tl;dr: You could of course also do all of that without a list via FNVEdit (Copy FormID of custom race into SexoutSpunk formlist): https://streamable.com/exjcxu
  14. 60 hours in TTW, and still trying to avoid the F3 main quest like the pest.
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