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  1. Same here, lol. Still looking for a working download link after all these years (+the T6M conversions). Could offer some money as well.
  2. Is it me or does the Sexout Scanner does not recognize NPC's, that were added via the JIP CCC plugin as companions, as actual team mates? Have been noticing it in my current playthrough, that all my raider companions are not becoming targets of certain Sexout mods, or are not getting accounted in certain dialogue conditions of other Sexout mods. The scanner just does not recognize them at all. Has anyone by chance more knowledge of this plugin, and can give more light if it's possible to somehow add NPC's that are considered to be on the player's side as companions?
  3. Would only be interesting if the DLC's make it in there too, tbh.
  4. Yeah, it sometimes happens for me too. No idea why though.
  5. 1. All items, including the sex toys, unfortunately disappear if you don't select the "Never Remove clothing" option in the MCM menu (SexoutNG -> Female Clothes) 2. Pissing animations do not exist in Sexout, nor in wsex afaik. Sexout animations are picked randomly, unless a script tells it to do otherwise.
  6. Pretty sure that you can ignore this "error". It's just that some mods use "Radio Stations" for playing certain kind of sounds, afaik. The Blue Note mod for NV for example has a NPC singing, disguised as a radio station that has been placed interior, which the engine does not like. The mod spouts out the same error messages.
  7. Would it be possible to have an option that every NPC who has -500 karma or more automatically gets StalkLevel 2 when getting put into the Matrix? I am trying to find a reliable way to replace SexoutAssault without putting 1000 NPC ID's from various mods into a script.
  8. I think a 14 sec freeze is more of a indicator for a very bad PC than a faulty mod setup.
  9. I also get this value from time to time, and I am not using Breeder or the Lactation system. (though the game doesn't crash when it happens)
  10. I think you also need to install Breezes + its textures for the Sexout one to work. First install Breezes normal, and then install Sexout - Breezes, afaik.
  11. Just don't use any mod manager besides FOMM. Seriously.
  12. I had the same problem as you. What you can do is to open up the plugin with FNVEdit and modify this value: Quest -> Sexout Drugging Startup/Run -> "DATA - General" -> Quest Delay -> From 5 to 1.5 Never had a problem with Drugging after this.
  13. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/10556?tab=description
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