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  1. I think a 14 sec freeze is more of a indicator for a very bad PC than a faulty mod setup.
  2. I also get this value from time to time, and I am not using Breeder or the Lactation system. (though the game doesn't crash when it happens)
  3. I think you also need to install Breezes + its textures for the Sexout one to work. First install Breezes normal, and then install Sexout - Breezes, afaik.
  4. Just don't use any mod manager besides FOMM. Seriously.
  5. I had the same problem as you. What you can do is to open up the plugin with FNVEdit and modify this value: Quest -> Sexout Drugging Startup/Run -> "DATA - General" -> Quest Delay -> From 5 to 1.5 Never had a problem with Drugging after this.
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/10556?tab=description
  7. @Odessa is there actually a console command you could use to make a NPC start masturbating? Something like REF.cios ...
  8. Necro again, but could somebody please upload those files to mega or google drive?
  9. Get BSA browser or any other BSA inspection tool, open up the mesh .bsa from California (if there is one, otherwise open up the main .bsa, since I have no idea what files come with this mod) and look for a string called "femaleupperbody". You probably will find a femaleupperbody.nif and femaleupperbody.egt entry and so on. Now the only thing you have to do is to remember the file path that leads to the entries, create the same exact file path inf your actual NV/data folder and copy the nude meshes into it. Textures don't need a different file path, since the .nif files contain the texture path.
  10. You could use Unethical Deeds for Companion / NPC And isn't Crazy's Animation Gun for F4?
  11. Yupp, true. The reason why I will never use NVR to begin with. It's a really nasty trade off, but I still prefer ENB effects over dynamic shadows.
  12. The red exclamation marks are missing meshes. Try opening the console and then clicking on one. You will see a label at the top of your screen in the middle stating what object that red exclamation mark is supposed to be. Also, are you using this? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68714
  13. Welcome to Gamebyro engine modding! 😄
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