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  1. Never seen that error message before, but if I have to take a wild guess, it's probably related to the extra save files NVSE creates, and that those information from these files for some reason are missing. Did you by chance delete files from this folder? ...\Fallout New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\Extender\Saves
  2. New version of JIPNVSE work absolutely fine with Sexout. Be sure that, when using JIPNVSE, you also use the newest versions of xNVSE (because that is a hard requirement for JIPNVSE to work correctly)!
  3. What will be different in the new versions?
  4. Try using this and see if it helps: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68776
  5. You can open the fomod files with WinRar. Otherwise, install the fomods with Fallout Mod Manager.
  6. The Mojave Terror Pack has a lot of great looking .50MG Sniper Rifles with suppressors. It's of course hidden at GUNetwork, though you could try your luck here too: http://falcon-lair.com/files/file/2017-terror-mohave-mojave-terror/
  7. I never used Smaller Talk when using Unethical Deeds. So yes, should work without it.
  8. Checking the plugin with FNVEdit doesn't give any errors. So using it should be fine.
  9. Bugfixes and new content are always welcomened here. 😄
  10. That is normal, because those race mods usually are armor parts that get glued onto your character. Also, GUN moderator, huh? How's the VIP life over there? :^)
  11. Tbh, I never had any big problems with Sexout Assault. Even with the new xNVSE versions.
  12. Strapons actually are items (armor parts) that you can spawn in your inventory via console commands (or Item Browser.esp). I think the Sexout Vendor plugin sells them. There are also plugins like SexoutSex that gives you options to have sex with a strapon.
  13. Looks pretty great, though I wonder why no one bothered to port that body mod earlier to New Vegas. Definitely an improvement compared to the other Type mods for sure.
  14. Looks like something you would find on GUNetwork. Though you probably need a VIP account for that.
  15. All items will be automatically unequipped when performing sex. There is an option in the Sexout or Sexout Common Ressources MCM menu where you can disable the unequipping of items for Female, Male NPCs or the Player character.
  16. Get a newer version of nvse_extender.dll? What is even the problem?
  17. You don't need to open a .bsa. Why would you even?
  18. The Penetrator is an item that you can find in the SexoutCommonRessources file. It'd be a pretty bad idea to delete this object since a lot of mods reference items like this one. I however am not aware of a mod which force equips the Penetrator, unless Sexout itself sets the NoUnequipFlag to 1 during the Sex act, though it always will be unchecked afterwards. Try having sex with someone and see if the penetrator still sticks with you afterwards.
  19. I never really liked to play AWOP in New Vegas because a lot of the new building locations made absolutely no sense, whereas in Fallout 3 it didn't really matter because everything in this game is just a big theme park with absolutely no cohesion. Can't say much about Angel Park 2, but 90% of the monsters from the MoMod were just way too over the top for my taste. Quo Vagis is kinda nice though (gives a fucking reason to visit Canterbury Commons).
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