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One may encounter some mods or plug-ins that corrects a world-building flaw that exists within Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  And by that, these mods add younger NPCs into the cities and towns,  fleshing the world out  and suggesting that there is indeed a living, breathing world where societies with families indeed exist.


However,  as these are additions to the environment,  there are a vast number of mods that fail to recognize these youths.  These mods, either existing or in development,  may be of a more mature nature  or contain unsuitable subject matter which should preclude their interaction.  Likewise,  as there are now so many of these children-adding mods in existence, and possibly some in development or are unknown,  it has been near impossible to let  these outside mods account for all varieties available.


This Elder Scrolls Master (.esm) attempts to make possible  the ability for mods to recognize NPCs considered underage.  Not only does this master plugin contain an .ini file that allows one to access and identify scores of children by custom races, factions and even classes,  but also includes a feature which permits developers to create their own external .ini file for their own custom child-based NPC mods.  Indeed, future plugin developers  can expand the available  youth-NPC databases in their own works, all fully compatible with anyone else's.


This master plug-in does not alter or change already-existing mods that contains mature content.  However, mods that are in development may be encouraged to consider its use. And some enterprising plug-in developers  may find this of use to create patches to already existing mods.




While External Child List.esm  has been designed as a Master (.esm) plug-in, it is not the intention to force its use.


There are mods/plug-ins currently available  that contain within their code, methods to determine  whether certain NPCs  are youths,  and thus protecting these characters from certain in-game interactions. However, that is limited to those mods which the plug-in developer was aware.


It is the intent  that External Child List be considered a supplemental system if it is detected.  That is to say, a plug-in created that uses External Child List should also  be able to run without,  and rely upon its own built in child-detection and protection system.





An example plug-in. It does not have External Child List as an actual master, but uses the "LoadFormFromMod" commands to access its features to perform three distinct tests to see if subjects within the player's crosshairs are classified as children.  Optionally, the plug-in has its own highly-documented crosshairs system which future modders may examine and put the code to their use.




The download package for External Child List may contain the master file and a pair of .INI files for which it may function. However, other .ini files also exist which may too be downloaded, and should also be listed within the "External Child List.ini" file itself.  Upon downloading and installing into your game's INI folder, External Child List will be able to immediately test for those NPCs covered under their related mods.  Doing so, this can be expanded without actual need for editing/altering the .esm file itself.



  • External Child List.zip
    The main package
  • External Child List.ini
    Duplicate of the main package's External Child List / File-Load INI file
  • External Child - HiyokoClub.ini
    Duplicate of the first HiyokoClub.ini / Child NPC file in the main package.


Others Here and offsite at Nexus Mods:

  • External Child - Child Races.ini
        Allows detection of NPCs created with Child Races by OblivionBonez.
  • External Child - Child Races Revamped.ini
        Allows detection of over 30 child races. Part of "Childrens of Cyrodiil" by Elgado2K.
  • External Child - Childen In Town.ini
        Allows detection of NPCs created with Children In Town by Betty.
        Use either its .esp or .esm (not both).  Do read requirements.
  • External Child - Childen of Cyrodiil.ini
        Allows detection of NPCs created with Children of Cyrodiil by Emma.
  • External Child - Childens of Cyrodiil.ini
        Allows detection of custom Moonshadow Elf children NPCs  within Childrens of Cyrodiil by Elgado2K.
  • External Child - Childen's Annuad.ini
        Allows detection of 4 child races created with Children's Annuad by Emily.
        Adoption house conflicts with LegoManAM94
  • External Child - Improved Child NPC.ini
        Allows detection of over 15 child NPC races created with Improved Child NPC by DaMuncha.
  • External Child - Oblivion Children.ini
        Allows detection of NPC Child Races created with Oblivion Children by LegoManiAm94.
        Adoption house conflicts with Children's Annuad house.
  • External Child - Oblivion Teenagers.ini
        Allows detection of NPC Children with a custom Teen class created with Oblivion Teenagers by LegoManiAm94.
        Adoption house conflicts with Children's Annuad house.
  • External Child - Oblivion Toddlers.ini
        Allows detection of NPC Child Races created with Oblivion Toddlers by LegoManiAm94.
        Adoption house conflicts with Children's Annuad house.



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