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GSB's Draenei Race

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When I read a request for this race in the forum I decided to make a proper mod from the resource files found in the 'GSB Compendium'.


This mod is adding a FEMALE-ONLY version of the Draenei race from the 'World Of Warcraft' universe. Included are some body parts as equipable clothing-type items, six futanari lowerbodies and also a few nice weapons perfectly matching this race. Though I have assigned the race's stats and skill bonuses, I couldn't decide on good racial powers and/or abilities and just left them blank (for now). The Draenei hairstyle by GSB is the starting hair, a few female vanilla hairs are also available. Nine different eye colours to choose from.


A container with items can be found in the testinghall. Please refer to the included readme file for details.


The additional download is a skin replacer for those who dislike the original colour of the futa seen on the screenshots below.


Many thanks to GSBmodders for the files used in this mod!




Now this mod also contains an assortment of hoofed armors and clothes assembled from various resources, two variants of a new weapon, twenty new elaborate hairstyles and finally racial abilities that suit this race.


Thanks to Fejeena's work now there is a separate download which ensures compatibility with the LAPF system. Since I'm not using Lovers at the moment this mesh replacer is untested yet, so use the archive at your own risk and back up the relevant files before installing!


I have also reworked the horn and tail textures so they better match the skin tone of the face and body. The previously horse-styled hooves now have been changed to be more in line with the WOW original looks, cloven hooves both for the nude body and all the outfits.


As there have been reports of MEGA causing problems for some people I now have made two separate archives of the v2.0's meshes and textures to attach them here instead of an external download. Make sure you get both files!


Storm55 has pointed out a texture issue with the Shrouded armors to me (thank you very much for bringing the problem to my attention!). The meshes archive has been updated with fixed versions by now. But for everyone who has already downloaded the mod there is a separate archive available so you don't have to get the whole shebang again just for a few fixed kilobytes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience because of a sloppy mistake.

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    Nothing but the main game (ideally patched to 1.2.0416). UOP or any custom race fix is advisable for starting a new game as a Draenei.


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@ Poontank :


Thank you , i will try  that "Race" this afternoon .


By the way , i saw the first picture was "shooted"  in the "DukeCity " mod "Vilverin entrance" ....  is there some mods for DukeCity here on LL ?  

It's one of my principal mod ( merged with a ton of others) but i never found some add-on for it. Not very important in fact , i use a "French" version, so  i always need to edit in the CS most of the mods coming from other languages communities.


If i remember correctly , the first version of this mod was a french version ... not sure , cannot remember.


Anyway , thank you , cheers.

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From the looks of it the included hoof lowerbody is the 'Manga Thicker Thighs' variant that seamlessly fits the Manga regular and K-cup upperbodies in the mod. 'Mega Oppai' fits as well. When I paste a random HGEC upperbody on top of it that one also fits (since Manga is yet another HGEC variant), so every HGEC hooves in 'SetBody' will work. The hoof colour might just be different. Dunno for sure what texture those hooves are using.


Nice girl, Mem! Though your character turns humanoid with these legs because of the outfit, the get-up nevertheless has the perfect Fantasy style to go with the race, and pretty colours to contrast with the skin. Reminds me to go rifling through my collection in search of suitable hoofed clothing and armors for an eventual update that also adds a few WOW-styled outfits.

I once downloaded all Geechan hoof gear and Grim's edited versions but never found a use for the files so far. Besides the 'Kirin' pieces for the 'Baphomaid'.


Technically this is the other side of the 'Duke City' Vilverin slipgate/teleportal, the lab entrance. Now renamed to 'LoversLab'...


For more than one year already I'm occasionally working on the 'Duke City' mod.

'D.U.P.E. City' more precisely as I love calling my personalized version: 'Drastically Upgraded Poontank Edition'.

I am frequently using the mod's locations as backdrops for my pictures.


Check out my image thread - the first link in my signature below - for many examples of edited 'Duke City' locations and characters, and all sorts of content I have added to the plugin. My concept for that city is to turn it into a metropole of adult entertainment and home to the 'real-world' cast of actors who are playing my characters in my picture work. In my thread there is even a short but naughty gangbang comic story taking place in 'Duke City'.

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They are in the lowerbody and foot slot. Normally they shouldn't be removed when these two slots are explicitly excluded from undressing.

As I'm not using the Lovers system anymore (I apply pose mods for sex scenes on my pictures) I couldn't say for sure what is causing this effect. You might consider asking in the Lovers with PK section about it. Greg will certainly know an answer. I have brought possible issues of this race mod in combination with Lovers to his awareness.

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great mod, just one question: What body slot do the hooves/dick occupy exactly?

Even if I set everything to "wear" with sexual exploits, they are always removed.

Does anyone know a way to keep them on? Thanks in advance


Does it do this for 'consensual' and 'rape'? When your toon is penetrating or being penetrated?

You did not mention, but did you also check the rape clothing options in sexual exploits too?

There may be some mods that remove clothing when starting sex without checking the sexual exploits settings. (My LSM does this but honours the 'Bombshell' directory of setbody)



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Good point. Didn't think of that because I've always been using only consensual sex mods back when I had Lovers installed.

I tried RaperS once for a short time, and Joburg... Made normal use of the game difficult with all sorts of creeps constantly stalking and raping during photo sessions. Simply toggling off the AI back then would have been the remedy.


Anyways, it's worth checking out all undress options in the Lovers exploits menu for consensual and rape sex, to prevent removal of the hooves.


Mods that override the Lovers settings should stop doing this if they are placed above Lovers mods in the load order. In theory at least.


Now that Greg has given instructions on how to make the futa lowerbody LAPF-compatible I will post an update with an altered futa mesh soon. Unfortunately the new lowerbody will use the LAPF futa mesh, which means at least one of GSB's wonderfully extreme futa schlongs will be replaced.

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Please let me bring to your attention that I finally have completed the long-overdue update to the mod!


This new version replaces the previous download. Everybody who already has the mod installed and running just needs to dump the whole archive into the 'Data' folder and overwrite what's already there. Then move your Draenei booty to the testinghall, go visit the Draenei chest again and fill your Draenei pockets with some serious Draenei gear! Or something to that effect.


So what's new in the biiiig update?


Firstly now there are some hoofed versions of armors and clothes, a few of them from legendary mods and modders. Jojjo's 'Silverlight' armor! Kurese's 'Kirin' and 'Fiona' outfit's, the latter in a very special shape! Vanilla Shrouded and Arena armors! 'YAARM' iron armor! Two variants of Thadon's robe! And more... Another addition is a new weapon by GSBmodders in two variants, normal and bloody.


The outfits have been customized with additional elements and reworked textures. Speaking of which: As I was dissatisfied with the original hue for the 'neck tentacles' and tail, I have edited their texture to better match the race's skin tone.


One other main aspect of the new version is the addition of a larger selection of nice hairstyles. No more need to use the boring vanilla hairs or the previous version's only custom hairstyle! Now there are twenty more elaborate hairs to choose from, carefully selected to display the least clipping with the neck thingies and horns as possible. Since most available hairstyles completely cover up the neck appendages I chose a lot of shorter styles.


Now the body as well as all the armor meshes are sporting cloven hooves to be more close to the WOW original race.


Fejeena kindly has provided me with an archive of LAPF-compatible body mesh files which is a separate download. However these files will interfere with your other humanoid characters' bodies (probably) turning them to hooved weirdos. So use the meshes with caution and back up your original LAPF files before installing the archive! At a later date this issue will be addressed to run hoof meshes and normal legs simultaneously. As I currently haven't got any Lovers mods installed this archive is untested yet.


Here are screenshots of all the included new gear as well as a hair chart:





'YAARM' iron armor - MShadowy & Avebrave, I have added boots and gauntlets.




'Kirin' armor - Kurese, hoof conversion by Gnargle Hankar. I customized the textures a bit.

As with the outfit below I have no idea who made the BU mesh I used for the sexy top.




'Fiona' outfit, broken - Kurese. Dunno who made the BU version. Hooves converted by Gnargle Hankar.

(TK rapier not included, sorry).




'Draenei Raider' armor by GSBmodders plus his bloody Raider Axe. I have added matching boots and panties.




The sexy version of this armor combined with the regular axe.




Remodeled and recoloured light Arena raiment - Yuravica, Samhain6, Nikoli and myself.




The remodeled and retextured light 'Raiment Of Valor' - Yuravica, Samhain6, Nikoli and myself.




'Hoof Armor' by Jihanki, light colour variant.




Jihanki's armor in the dark colour variant with a slight edit to the texture.




Vanilla Shrouded Armor - hoof conversion by Nikoli, additional parts by Justice123

(whom I forgot to include in the credits as I just realized. Apologies.)


'Ancient Sword' not included.




Shrouded Armor camo version, texture resource by Liadanaf. Also sports the arm guards by Justice123.




'Savage' outfit by GSBmodders plus one element from a Yuravica remodel. Slight texture edits by myself.




'Silverlight' armor by Jojjo, hoof conversion by Geechan & Gnargle Hankar, a recoloured texture by myself.

Depicted 'Spider Sword' not included.




Thadon's sexy robe - hoof conversion by Nikoli. I have added the 'shoes' from another one of his converted outfits.




Thadon's even sexier robe - derived from Nikoli's conversion.


The hair chart showing all the new hairstyles is this:





I noticed a few minor issues with the meshes which hopefully are going to be fixed soon. Only tiny goof-ups that somehow slipped by, for example a small opening in the hoofed GSB lowerbodies. Once fixed meshes are at hand I will post them here in this thread.

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Simple question, do vampire eyes work with this custom race? I'm curious about this because I recall discovering in my install that the eyes became googly. If the googly eyes for a vampiric Draenei is a known issue and nothing can be done about it, I beg for a pardon.


However if the vampiric eyes compatible with MBP and OCO that I'm using from the "New Eyes for OCO v2" mod that I just installed from the nexus work or not, I'll be sure to make note.


Thank you for this mod. 




The New eyes for oco v2  mod has vampire eyes that are compatible to this race. 

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15 hours ago, Kittens123456 said:

I need something called Lovers with PK.esm were would i get this? 

You don't need Lovers

The only masterfile is the Oblivion.esm


You need a skeleton with breast bones or you get stretched breasts in game. The race use nude bodies.

The skeleton can be Growlf's Universal skeleton ( the controllable version, not the total controllable version )  or the LAPF skeleton.


You don't need HGEC body and textures because the Mod use own body and textures. But they are equippable clothes!  Better you use a full HGEC (female) body replacer for all your races.


IF you use the "GSBDraeneiRace LAPF esp and lowerbodies" , yes there is a Lovers with PK.esp in the file ( but is is not the latest version of the esp)

Lovers/LAPF is the sex-system.  ( Lovers with PK.esm  and Lovers with PK.esp )
If you only want the race you do not need the "GSBDraeneiRace LAPF esp and lowerbodies" file.
If you want sex in your game youe game.
You need nude body replacers , HGEC female and Roberts male for all Oblivion races.
You beed the Sex-System LAPF (Lovers)  and Lovers Mods. ( in the base System is not sex, only all the sripts and animations and lowerbodies with erect penis )
But you should not use the "GSBDraeneiRace LAPF esp and lowerbodies" file. All you need are the bodies in that files and you put the files in the right Lovers folders and choose the body in game.
read my yellow Link below: all you need before you install LAPF (OBSE, Nude bodies, bouncing breast animations )
There you will also find the links for Lovers/LAPF and a few suggestions for Lovers mods you can use to have sex.
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!!!! You should not use the "GSBDraeneiRace LAPF esp and lowerbodies"  from the downloads !!! ( it is not the latest version of the esp )


Here new Files for LAPF and nude body replacer with Blockhead.


Nude body with blockhead, so no other files will be overwritten ( like the default body in meshes\characters\_male\ )


And LAPF/Lovers lowerbodies that are used during sex.



Of course the base Draenei Mod. (esp. meshes, textures )

OBSE with OBSE plugin Blocked for the nude body replacer.

LAPF with all requirements  for the  LAPF bodies during sex.

See the readme for more information.

You can use this file if you do not use LAPF but want the body replacer.



Two versions:

One with human penis durings sex.  (v1)  

And nude body with female lowerbody or with limp penis.


Read the readme! There are different upper and lowerbodies in the file.

Draenei Nude and LAPF body v1.7z        fixed Dec 12 2019

Here default lowerbody from the body replacer and the default body during sex

1 default nude.jpg1 default during sex.jpg





And with horse dick with balls (v2) 

And nude body with lowerbody with limp penis or female without penis.


Read the readme! There are different upper and lowerbodies in the file.

Draenei Nude and LAPF body v2.7z      fixed Dec 12 2019

Here default lowerbody from the body replacer and the default body during sex

2 default nude.jpg2 default during sex.jpg




Also some fixes in the nif files and reduced seams between upper and lowerbody with SeamMender.

In the chest with the wearable body-clothes are still the old nif/meshes . But you do not need the chest, you get your nude body when you start the game and must not equip it.

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    I had a bit of an issue with the file Fejeena posted, getting it to work.  For using Lovers to swap the pelvis for sex animations, I didn't have the draenei option for it.

  The files in the zip were in meshes\clothes\as\9  .  I had to make an  f  directory in the 9 one, and move the files into there to get it to work on mine.  I don't know if that's an issue on my end or what,  It was an easy fix once I looked at the structure of the other folders, but I figured it might be worth mentioning in case it affected others too.



Edit:  Just editing this to note Fejeena fixed it in the files, noted in the first post next page.

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