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Tamago club crashs me on load or wont allow me to start new game

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Okay, so i recently downloaded the tamago club mod.. and it completely doesn't work


Heres how it goes: -enables mods with the rest of my mod list-









After i enable them, my save games crash immediately, and it refuses to allow me to start a new one

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Looks like I had misunderstood something. Your game does not crash when startup, but crashes when load a save?

Uh.. wait. you didn't have Hiyokoclub.esm after all. Then Oblivion should crash on startup.


Post your load order.

In the meantime, try to find the culprit. Specifically which plugin is causing crash?

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Then I'd have to assume that your tamago esm is somehow corrupted, because hundreds other folks, including me, are using it just fine.

And how can we possibly point out the problem without knowing active plugins nor tamago version? If you provide more info someone would help even if I get stumped.

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No wrye bash does not conflict with the oblivion mod manager as OMM is what I use and I also use wrye bash as well. Wrye bash also has a save tab clicking it will show the order you had your .esm's/.esp's in missing .esm's/.esp's then going back and forth to the other tab in wrye bash you can get your esm's/.esp's in the right order for the save you want to use. Out of order/missing .esp's can cause problems.


*Edit I also use tamago and have no problems but then mine is a older one that comes with lovers pk AIO 3.3 omod.

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