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There was a misunderstanding about vanilla.
Since 3BA is installed, the nif and texture specified by 3BA are specified.
It has been confirmed that changes to the body shape using Body Slide will be reflected on the NPC.
I'm using MO2.
I am setting it to give priority to Tlam99's files.
The slot will be completely naked for testing purposes. (Actually only 32 slots?)

Spell logs also appeared for NPCs, but their body shape did not change.

The 1. equip event starts ca 10 min after animation end for npc. This to avoid issues with the animation.
It's more critical for npc

→They said it would change in 10 minutes, but I waited 30 minutes in real time.

I'm using a translation tool.
I pray that it gets across.

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2 hours ago, xlock44 said:

Actually only 32 slots

Slot 40 (tail) is used. 

Make her complete naked to test.

You can get the skin via additem and give it to her.

Just to see, if the armor works for the npc. 

E.g. armor55, the biggest and armor 11, the first one.

Lydia must have the ability applied with the enable spell.

Can be checked with extended console.

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I made Lydia completely naked and gave her the armor I got from additem, and it was equipped. I've partially figured out the cause. In my environment, the cause was NFF. When using a spell in an environment using NFF, the skill does not seem to be reflected. When I removed NFF and checked, the armor was reflected in Lydia. I haven't tried other Follower management so I don't know. Is it just my environment?

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Thanks for your mods, it worked really well !


I have made some overlays combining this two ressources : 


CBBE 3BA Oviposition resources




dw's Pregnant Normal Maps for CBBE 3BA


TropSweet Ovi Pregnancy Overlay.7z


I also made something to have a different normal map for each step 

You just need to set your normal map textures for each step (femalebody_1_msn_p0 to femalebody_1_msn_p5) in textures\actors\character\OviBody : 




And then build the bodyslide (CBBE 3BBB Oviposition Body MSN to CBBE 3BBB Oviposition Body5 MSN) files from this archive : 



It works really well in combination with mods that change belly size like Fill Her Up or just by using bodyslide to change the belly size (Pregnant Slider).




Another thing, do you think this can be implemented into what you have already done ?


On 2/21/2024 at 7:00 PM, lolmods37 said:


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44 minutes ago, TropSweet said:

can be implemented

This is not my idea, it's @lolmods37 idea. Could be implement. Each armor piece needs then the script to implement.

So every step could have different motions. From weak to strong e.g.


Thanks for the update, I will look into it. Now I will upload the older BS files with missing aerola sliders inserted.

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24 minutes ago, TropSweet said:

You just need to set your normal map textures for each step (femalebody_1_msn_p0 to femalebody_1_msn_p5) in textures\actors\character\OviBody : 

actually, this could be integrated into the body(armor) directly, as I did it with the single map.

So no typing, just a build.

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I would do something myself to but atm this is too complicated and you didn't provide any instruction how ho exactly install your mod. I mean when I do something I realize how its done, but I don't really have much time to make reverse enginering to understand how some things work just to try it at first. If I like it they okay I could spend time to improve it

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he is probably just confused because of all the named files in the downloads section and no faq on what should be downloaded or what each of the files do. 

Quick glance 

and requirements 


no problem on my end but I'm sure that's probably why small description on that would be good. 

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