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Turbosnowy's Enhanced Catsuit & Ballet Heels

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So hello there you lovely sexy people.



This mod introduces a new enhanced catsuit (in black) for Skyrim, with a bunch of accessories to make yourself into the ultimate sensual stealthy killing machine we all know we want to play *cough* OK maybe that's just me, but hey, if you want to play an Orc wearing hull plates from a warship as you answer any question, like 'How are you feeling today?' with a half tonne stone hammer to the head, that's totally your bag, not mine.


Youtube video here:



So what do we have here then... well we have the following to delight and entertain those who want some slink, some stealth, some style or a combination:


1) Catsuit (will change with weight - i.e. heavier you are the bigger it will be)


2) Collar (will fit beast races also, yeah I know, OMG for me - probs wont work though - 1st time I tried it)


3) Ninja Cowl


4) Ninja Mask


5) Face Mask


6) Short Gloves


7) Long Gloves


8) Long Gloves with nails


9) Assassin Long Gloves (with backstab)


10) Assassin Long Gloves with nails (with backstab)


11) Ballet Boots type 1


12) Ballet Boots type 2


13) Assassin/Thief Ballet Boots type 1 (with muffle)


14) Assassin/Thief Ballet Boots type 2 (with muffle)



You can combine the hood and both masks for more variation, as shown in the video.



You can make this stuff at any forge under the studded section and will need some ebony and some leather. To Temper you will need some void salts as per usual with me.



And yes you can enchant these items (with exception of assassin variations which are already enchanted - you will need a lunar moth wing additionally to make these).








Requirements (Quick Install Guide at bottom of post - but suggest you read through it all because it is fab):



Now you did not think you could just press one button and get all this goodness with that little effort did you? For shame! No, no, no, you will need to ensure you comply with the following:



R1) The body is CBBE, so you will probs need the CBBE body mod loaded - for instance I have it loaded wayyyy before any of my own mods and it works fine i.e. my own body mods overwrite the CBBE mod where I use say the wardrobe mod items. But hey this works with a weight slider, so YAY and all that.



You can grab CBBE on the Nexus or on Steam, but probs best to get the naked Nexus version since we don't want nasty underwear poking through this very tight garment now do we?



R2) You will need the High Heel System or HDT which adjusts your height through the means of wizardry and witchcraft when you put on high heels.



Grab it here from the Nexus mod page here - details will be in description (you may need to register but hey is a great mod site and massively popular):





R3) The latest version of SKSE (http://skse.silverlock.org). You should need this this to make HDT work properly - some people said worked on my Vampire Queen mod without it, but that seems weird to me, so stating it here any just in case - I use it myself and it is awesome so just do yourself a favour and use it.



R4) A sense of fun. Without this I am afraid you will likely take Skyrim too seriously, and start to spend your time worrying about why this outfit does not comply with the official lore of the Elder Scrolls series. Such an effort I assure you will not bring joy to anyone concerned.







So! Now on the Frequently asked Questions which you all know and love (FAQ)



Q1) Wat's HDT and can I catch it from my partner?


A1) Thankfully no, HDT is only transmitted via the internet and allows you to enjoy variable heights for shoes. YAY! Shoes! We all like shoes right? Of course everyone loves shoes and now they'll have variable heights depending on how high the heels are! WOW! O.M.G! YAY HDT!



Grab it here from the Nexus mod page here - details will be in description (you may need to register but hey is a great mod site and massively popular):





Q2) Wat's SKSE - sounds like my ex?


A2) It is the Skyrim Extender and has been in use and updated over the past year or so - it improves/extends functionality of what scripts can do within Skyrim. Grab it here: (http://skse.silverlock.org)



Q3) This is really great/terribad/ok/not sure and I would really like in one of these colours - magenta/banana/peach/crimson/mint/dawn over mt.Fuji/yellow/polka dot/leopard/like on of those rainforest frogs, y'know the lil cute guys but like totally poisonous? I love those guys/ blue/other


A3) Who knows, maybe, just maybe - maybe the Skyrim world needs a flourescent pink ninja - I have no idea, let's find out.



Q4) I can haz in ADEC/Ladybody/UNP/UNPB/CHSBHC (and god knows whatever other body mods there are these days) just cuz


A4) No. Thanks for asking but no. Noooooo. Nohohohoho NO. However feel free to do it yourself and release here for whichever butt size mod you prefer and give a credit.



Q5) How dare you profane Steam with this ridiculou... you know what I can't even be arsed to finish this Q/A - whatever - yeah really. So I apparently ruined Skyrim for you and everyone else - whatever, you doofus, that's really my answer to you, whatever...


OK that last one was for Steam users - you know what they can be like...







So if you made it this far - if you are new or not sure here is the installation guide in a nutshell and so sorry for not being able to let you just click a green button and make it all work without really having to do anything on your side - I know, so totally selfish of me right? I mean what was I thinking? Crazy! Anyhoo:



To get the low down on instalation please visit Elewins Pumps2 on Skyrim Nexus page for detailed instructions (http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30642), but essentially this mod has the same pre-requisites as Elewins' Pumps2 mod.



Essentialy you will need to install SKSE, then over-write with the latest version of the HDT mod (links on Elewins pumps description page linked above and below)



QUICK Overview of Installation:


Step 1) Install SKSE manually from here - (http://skse.silverlock.org) Make sure you install in the Skyrim and not the Data directory.



Step 2) Go Here for updates to HDT High Heels system http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30642 and install HDT manually (overwriting all SKSE files when prompted) - links to HDT are on the description page (not in the files section). Again install in the Skyrim and not Data directory.







Last but not least the credits to some amazing people out there:


mxwqtkl - Catsuit goodness YAY


Xinafay - Ballet boot goodness YAY


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Wow , This is so Awesome ,  


Now We Need A Latex Corset , Posture Collar and an Armbinder to go with them Ballet Boots :P

Reminds me of SL 



Glad you like :)   I already did a latex corset - was included in my vampire queen mod - from Sheford's screenshot looks like someone has made it playable already teehee

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Guest carywinton

Absolutely fabulous, not too much, not too little, not too bright, not too glossy, Super Kudos to you and your excellent "map" skills.





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I love the catsuits and outfits that mxplaflghrr guy and you have made so far!


The only thing I kinda miss though is a full shiny hood that covers your entire head and face, not just a mask or a cap, but kind of like the black hoods the 3 people in the shack wear when the leader of the dark brotherhood "kidnaps" you, but then shiny! ... and tighter I guess if that makes any sense ... wait, image would prob work better ... *google-fu* 


Like the one with only the two holes for the nose!


The other guy made some gasmasks to go with his catsuit, but not a fan of those :s

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  • 3 weeks later...

The cowl is actually the hood - turns out I never actually added the cloak/cape to any of my mods for you to get apart from my Succubi Mayhem mod where they wear them as standard - might create a new 'wardrobe-extra' mod to add in various other gubbins I made which I never added previously to be playable, like the Vampre Queen corset etc.


I have started again however on creating a shop and so far it is working brilliantly - I think I may have gone a bit OTT on my previous attempts trying to do it all in one go, so now I am making a modular mod, to be released over time - 1st floor will be armour outfits to be released first, then second floor later with the pantyhose outfits and so forth. Once the shop is in action I guess people can unload the millions of my other mods, as the modular mod (only one esp to load ideally, but with multiple BSAs) will replace them all, which also means your smithing area will be totally uncluttered by me, since the plan is you would buy the items rather than craft them (I know I kind of bloated the ebony section of the forge for example haha).

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