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Honkai Star Rail mod

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How to bypass this game's anti cheat system? 3dmigoto can not inject in, it use ACE (Anti-Cheat Expert) in Chinese version, not sure if it will be removed in Global Epic version.

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Succees to bypass ACE,and I made a simple color change mod for March.

I think we need a private server for this game,hope you can make it or find it.

I will make a bypass program for this game, since the original way to bypass is too complicated.

I don't know when this bypass bug will be fix,but at least now we can use it.



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8 hours ago, azraelgeluk said:

good mod but you know why it happens


PS: your mods are great

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-08 123241.png

seems you use SRMI as mod importer,so you need to modify the .ini to make it compatible  with SRMI.

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