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Marvel's Midnight Suns

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Reviews just dropped and looks like the game is good. Made by the XCOM devs (Firaxis) and those games and the engine they use are usually pretty mod friendly, especially with character editing and modding in customization options. This game allows you to create your own character and customize their appearance (face, hair, makeup, outfit), as well as equip skins for other Marvel characters (Magik, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch) so the game seems pretty ripe for skimpy armor/nude mods and maybe more.

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49 minutes ago, PsyOps said:

If it's running UE4 it should be cake to replace models. Gonna wait for it to drop to 10$ or so before buying.

You're going to be waiting a long time, then. But at least on the bright side, by the time its that low in price, its almost certain that whatever mods are going to be made for it will have long been available by then.

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1 hour ago, jmedia7 said:

To start things off. Magik nude mod. Replaces her default battle outfit and athletic swimsuit (which makes the other swimsuit clip)


Magik nude mod.7z 11.51 MB · 33 downloads


(not sure if you have to but...) to enable mods: Hex edit MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe and replace the following hex values.

74 18 48 8B 08 48 85 C9 74 10 48 8B 01 FF 50        ; pre
75 18 48 8B 08 48 85 C9 74 10 48 8B 01 FF 50        ; post

41 88 45 30 4C 8B         ; pre
90 90 90 90 4C 8B         ; post


Also, im not sure if the bs 2k launcher fks with mods. So I set the following launch option on steam to start the game directly.

"I:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Marvel's Midnight Suns\MidnightSuns\Binaries\Win64\MidnightSuns-Win64-Shipping.exe"  %command%




So what does changing the hex do? is this bypassing the anticheat?

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When I created this post i didnt expect one to be made in less than a day, and that the devs already would do half the work, lol. Heres hoping we get a bunch of skimpy outfits as well for the characters and our Hunter too. Looking forward to dressing up my Hunter like shes from a 90s-early 2000s comic

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