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NO MBP Bravil Underground v0.96 v2

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No MBP Bravil Underground v0.96 v2 Edition


original MBP Version http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/23-bravil-underground-v096-final-edition/ YOU DO NOT NEED IT !


The Bravil Underground v0.96 v2 Edition with MBP races,eyes and hair changed to Vanilla. That is all.


Update 10.2015
Now without the MBP dummy file ( the empty Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm )
And with the Tolgan Dialog/Greeting fix.
REQUIREMENTS: same as the original, except MBP 1.4a and MBP++ v98
LoversSlaveTrader v1.0Final
Meshes and textures from LoversBitch


Load order: ! see sample load order here in the Spoiler ! http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/?do=findComment&comment=100862


Lovers with PK.esm
Lovers with PK.esp


Of course you can use the BravilUnderground addon with No MBP Bravil Underground v0.96 v2 Edition.


Bravil Underground v0.96 Final Edition Made by VICN and translated by gregathit, the Flex for rewriting all the books

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As you can see in the script results you only get Money, so it must be a wrong Translation or the creator forget to add the book. (There is no relevant book in the esp)


I only made the No MBP Version, gregathit translated the original. Please complain to the Japanese creators.

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I may need to get a new drive for my laptop, which means reinstalling Oblivion. The ONE thing that gives me nightmares (and also the reason I still have a 3 year old Windows 7 install that moved between 4 laptops) is reinstalling MBP and getting all the meshes and textures working with their corresponding races, etc. So I'd like to give the no MBP versions of plugins a try. My question though is how will the NPCs look? Will the female NPCs keep their MBP anime appearance, change to Colourwheels aesthetics or will they revert to hideous stock Oblivion?


I love this game, and I think I have close to 1000 hours of playtime between all my PCs, but holly crap are the stock NPCs fugly.

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The NPC will look "hideous stock Oblivion". That's why it is a no MBP Version, no beautification required as master file.

It's like real life. When you go shopping, how many beautiful people you see?  :D 

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Don't normally post on such topics, but after play-testing this mod for a couple of hours today in the process of preparing a heavily modded playthrough as a 'Slaver' character, I just have to simply say how impressed I am at the work that has been put into this mod!!!


Admittedly, 'some' of the content is not my 'cup of tea' ... but, thanks to the well written, and tactful documentation, I knew what I was in for ...



I just can't get over how elaborate the Bravil Underground is ... and how much content there is ... with Quests that overlap much of what is going on within the Core Game itself .... it all ties together rather nicely indeed ....


I should point out that I am playing with MORROBLIVION installed, which makes this mod even more relevant, what with all the references to Morrowind


Again ... to the Authors, Translators, and anyone else involved in bringing this series to us ... a nice BIG thank you!!!




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  • 5 years later...

OCO affect all vanilla races,  and  all NPCs in this Mod use vanilla races.


I never used XEO:  it change all vanilla NPC. But if it also change the vanilla races?


Of course new hair and eyes from OCO or XEO are not used in this Mod.

This Mod is like any other Mods that add NPCs. If you don't have problems with other Mods  this Mod will work.

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