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Unwanted mesh shifting in 3DS Max

Deep Red

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I'm trying to convert some armor and clothes for SevenBase Bombshell body, but I keep running into this odd issue where when I select the mesh component of the armor to play with the vertices, the whole damned thing shifts downward a few units for some reason. I don't know what causes that problem but it has been bugging me for a while now. It's hard to work with the vertices and adapt a piece of clothing/armor for a body when it moves around like that. Deleting the skin partition is something I'm trying to avoid because it seems to mess up the weight paints even if I take the skin properties off the same original mesh, causing all kinds of nasty clipping and whatnot.


What causes this? And how can I fix it or work around it?


Here are some pics to help explain my problem:



post-15447-0-67784200-1374889043_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-34080700-1374889046_thumb.jpg


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sometimes different elements of the mesh will have an offset of exactly


x: 0
y: +2.5443
z: -3.2879


either positive or negative...


you should check both the editable mesh and skin modifier to see where each is located. If the skin modifier is in the wrong location, you should select all vertices at the editable mesh level and move them to correct it by that amount either positively or negatively. For the bottom level editable mesh, you just move the object itself. This will not affect the skinned position of an already skinned mesh. If your mesh is not skinned you need only move it.

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