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Looking for Summon Vampire mod by Kiki

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I tried.  I used the Wayback Machine to try to enter the site and look for other sources.  It was actually a translation, but the original translation from Japanese appears gone as well.  As to the poster in Nexus, I found this about the mod you're looking for........


Hidden at 21 Jul 2021, 10:14AM by T2C1online


It appears that he was the one who hid it, and it shows that he has 'No' userfiles at Nexus now.


HOWEVER...  T2C1online has been online quite recently... Last WEEK in fact.  Perhaps you can contact him???


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9 hours ago, fejeena said:

Yes, see PM



THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I just found out they recently updated Elsweyr mod back in 2019 so im gonna go exploring the sands with her, Nostalgias gonna hit like a truck. 😄😁


Thank you again!3pvoee.png

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