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What non-vanilla races do you play/plow?

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Yep, this is a nice little query wondering what custom race you play as, or what kind of character you fancy fucking in your modded-up copy of Oblivion.  Obviously, this takes Khajiit, Argonians, Altmer, Bosmer and the varieties of humans off the books.


You can go into details if you want, or just say "Hey, I love hearing sirens moan." or something.  However, a nice link to where the mod can be found would be great.


This for a possible update to a nice little mod...


(First new LAPF thread of 2022!)

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Shriddan... and Shriddan and sometimes Shriddan. Always as Futa.

Mod vanished. There was a russian version somewhere... when I was looking for a working link a few years ago.


With own Texture. Currently without a face tattoo and with a little darker skin.

Shriddan2.jpg Shriddan3.jpg



Peepshow for a mouse




And some years ago I also played Dryad (luchaires_dryad_race) . I like the spells.  Especially the shapeshifting spell into a deer. Legion foresters try to kill you and Legion soldiers try to kill the foresters because the foresters are the evil attackers.  https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/17204/

With slightly changed textures and face settings


The original default face left,  my face right.




And Sadran



The race also has texture with tattoos, but these are my textures.




And the last time I played a male, of course Slofs Devil.   https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/48919

I don't think I've ever played men of any other race. (only for quick game testing an imperial)


Slof's Devil.jpg



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6 hours ago, fejeena said:

Shriddan... and Shriddan and sometimes Shriddan. Always as Futa.

Is the race a female-only futa race or something?  Curiosity calls.  And  I think I mighta downloaded some collection that has the Shriddan (if I can scour through my libraries).


2 hours ago, mma75online said:

Xeniu's Race Compilation which add 9 nice races

Hehe... he listed Deep Elves and made them sound positively Drow in magic.  Kinda breaks the lore as it's another name for the Dwemer or Dwarves.




Oh, gotta love going for the Chocolate Elves, that beautiful caramel skin with the soft sheen.





And hey, @mma75online?  Apparently there's a CHOCOLATE ELF version of Eyja.  Very nice. :D



And I like to ruffle some fur, playing the classic orange-furred Tabaxi





But not the updated Tabby Cat design, nor the Snow, Wild or White Tabaxi.



And if the mood hits right, I go for a couple Succubi races in Shinrabansho Spawns




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I've been playing with a custom race mod called Amazonians, i don't know if they are actually part of the lore as the modder describes in the description page or if its some sort of "lore" to make it fit on the Elder's Scrolls universe...but anyway. 




Yes, they are literally Imperials but scaled to 1.20 in height.
Taller, stronger, agile but lacks in magicka and personality which made persuasion kinda challenging in a way, not many cons when they are so overpowered.
Still, i'm having a lot of fun playing as a big ol' mommy Amazonian

and sorry if i wrote in a wrong way, not native english speaker and also is my first posting here after many years...

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2 hours ago, TakeshiNK said:

I don't know if they are actually part of the lore as the modder describes in the description page or if its some sort of "lore" to make it fit on the Elder's Scrolls universe...but anyway. 

Nah, he didn't make up his own lore.  Should check out the Shoddycast ElderScrolls Lore youtube videos for a quickie course.  And don't worry about your speech pattern.  Fine by me.

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Shiddan race esp have 6 races. 3 male and 3 female. (male and female use different head meshes and textures. No blockhead 2011)

One without face tattoo

and two with face tattoos (more and less tattoos)

All with the same body tattoo. (male and females have different tattoos)

Textures replacer for No-body tattoos (male and female)

Textures replacer (only for females) with additional 8 tattoo colors for head and body and hand (painted nails).

Female head : Digital girl or Head06 replacer ( but for Head06 only the no-tattoo-face texture, default purple)

Female HGEC textures , (and replacer for Robers female but only the purple tattoos and the no-tattoos body texture, no additional tattoo colors)

Male have Roberts male textures.

About 80 hairs and 40 eyes.


Of course No Futa ! No body meshes in the Mod.


And the race is still buggy

Many hairs clip with the head, the Digital head still have the mouth bug.

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