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So who else here knows about this shit?

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2 hours ago, Z0mBieP00Nani said:



I'll be honest with you: I'm so bored of this theme I won't see that video.


But if what the caption says is true, that would explain quite a lot.

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I'll repeat this observation: 

"It is Carbon Credits meets Social Credit."


It really is not too far disconnected from people promoting socially conscious brands in the not-too-distant past, only 'Socially Responsible' would mean companies who promote family values rather than solipsistic lifestyles or patronage for artists who were the biggest boosters of a particular wealthy family or business. 

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Short memory spans don't recall a time 20+ years ago when the media wasn't quite so partisan & did actual reporting rather than propagandizing for their side. They were never by any means perfect. But a fuck-ton better than now. Fox was a huge purveyor of this partisan crap, blazing the trail of bullshit, but the rest of the mainstream media has caught up and surpassed it over the past 20 years, partisan from the other end. Most people who don't do their own research are being spoon-fed conspiracies they believe to be the truth. All started with the long march through the universities and has been rapidly deteriorating from there. Why would corporations back such divisive, identitarian politics? It's a hell of a lot cheaper to throw a few groups a bone (while discriminating against others) to secure the voting block of the politicians who'll play ball with your corporate interests than it is to face the anger of all the exploited poor together. Pretty interesting how a bunch of this bullshit ramped up 10-fold about the time of Occupy Wall Street, a movement which died soon after. Nothing like a good distraction to keep the masses occupied and in-fighting.


This is an unholy union between woke racists and greedy neo-libs in it for their own separate pieces of the pie + the ignorant masses that are easily led like lemmings. Don't get me wrong though, if the right had this kind of cultural power or the foresight to set it up, we'd have a whole different set of bullshit to deal with right now. Absolute power corrupts.



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People will not stop fighting for their rights and companies won't stop piggybacking off of it. I remember saying such practices can suck a big one but maybe I should have rephrased that. Advertisers in general can suck a big one as they are still a waste of time. If one is going to advertise one should in theory show it is a product and by extension company that serves society. That is what advertisers have been doing with mixed results. The corporations themselves may or may not follow through on their advertised promises.


something something "woke".

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