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  1. Breast Expansion and Lactation

    So, I've been using this mod for a couple of weeks. My experiences: I don't seem to be getting any milk after milking. Nor have I noticed any visual effects or changes to the breasts. The only time I see any evidence of this mod working in-game is when my PC is briefly put in a "milking" pose for a few seconds. Sometimes, the only way to escape a conversation is to offer the other person milk, effectively forcing you to create a milk slave if you happen to have any human milk in your inventory. Between the obscure console readouts, the lack of effects on the body, lack of "dairy produce" and lack of any representation in the pipboy, I'll have to say I'm not very impressed. :/ Granted, I could have done something wrong with the installation, the setup or the use of this mod, but frankly, the OP is pretty bare-bones in instructions and details.
  2. Breast Expansion and Lactation

    Are the pill effects supposed to last an entire year? Because that's a long time to suffer those stacking strength and agility penalties.
  3. Sexout Tryout

    I don't want Sunny as a companion, I want her to remain a slave at the prison. :P I mean, the conversations and the quest implies you can leave her there. I meant those two conversations. SexoutSunnyDumb and SexoutSunnyHow
  4. Sexout Tryout

    Had an issue with being unable to progress the powderganger gangbang in the Walk of Shame quest when trying to hand over Sunny to Eddie. Turned out that the quest stalled because some npc's were off sleeping somewhere, outside the building. The solution was to wait until daytime and for the npc's to return. On another note, I noticed some lines for Sunny Smiles, where she'd react to being enslaved, in the GECK, but I could never find them in the game myself. In fact, I had trouble just keeping Sunny at the prison and not return to Goodsprings. Had to download a Home Marker mod just to make her stay. Is that an issue on my end, or have others had similar experiences?
  5. I had a thought about pregnancies and their outcomes: Would it be possible to highjack the event and change the resulting baby with a non-entity character instead? For instance, either add a +1 counter to the mother for each baby born, or just add a flag "has_birthed_X". That way, you can do the whole breeder thing without having to worry about flooding your court with kids. Say a woman is impregnanted by a dog, a horse, a tentacle monster... Whatever. Then, instead of giving birth to npc's, they instead give birth to a litter of puppies, a horse or a (swarm?) of tentacles.
  6. Will there be a way to completely disable these BeastBred and prevent them from appearing? I'm not interested in content that is at all related to watersport or scat, and would prefer not to see it in my game.
  7. I might be lurking, but I'm still following this topic and its development with high interest. Hope things work out for you, NoxBestia. Keep that chin up.
  8. I'm mostly interested in the werewolf content, too. I like taking over a little slice of land for myself with the werewolf clan I've bred. Anything that can expand on that is just great. Also think there's an untapped source of werewolf events related to the Norse religion and tribal culture.
  9. I just wanted to say that I'm happy to see you still working on this, NoxBestia. It's my favourite CK2 mod.
  10. That looks just amazing. I'm particularly impressed by the flight system you've made. I'm hoping you can put the same level of attention into the other modes of transportation.
  11. Death & Debauchery Heavy Roleplay Server!

    Maybe you could actually mention what game this is about?
  12. Can I just say how excited I am about how this mod is turning out? I haven't played it yed, admittedly, as I wanted to wait for the M&M dlc to release before I delved into the game again, but this mod makes it so hard to wait. Can't you just do a "add_trait Immortal" in the console?
  13. Hah. Smite fanart. xD But speaking of Fenris and Norse mythology, would love to see more content expanding on that. Jötunns(Or as the English like to mistranslate them: Giants ), in particular, did have a reputation for transforming into other shapes and mating with animals.
  14. Newlife (adult game)

    That's because the game pretty much IS just text.
  15. Just want to say I'm happy you aren't considering splitting into modules. I was disappointed when Dew did that and then never managed to reach the same content/progress as the original mod.